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Monday, September 08, 2008 

Vox Populii - 'Conservative Free Zone'

LOL! I went to visit a friend of mine yesterday afternoon to watch the Saskatchewan Roughriders football game on his TV. When I go to his front door, I encountered a wonderful sign that he had made and placed for everyone to see!

We need to stop thinking about elections in terms of 'promises', and who keeps them and who breaks them. We should try and make this election about ideas, ingenuity, and inspiration. Who has the most creative solutions to Canada's problems, and who can articulate an ambitious vision for Canada in the 21st century? Instead, this election will almost certainly be about who can promise the most spending in the most convincing fashion. And they wonder why voter turnout is low.

Clearly each political party is required to lay out a vision and a framework of policies that they would pursue should Canadians give them an electoral mandate to govern. I suppose there could be some specific promises contained in the framework. Harper committed his party to very specific actions and commitments. He then disregarded many of them completely. The question remains, did he promise everything to everyone under false pretenses simply to achieve power? I say 'YES'!!

Who breaks promises is integral because a grand vision held by one who will not follow through with it is commonly known as a day-dream.

We don't need day-dreamers leading the country.

What next? A nut-free zone?

Was the beware of dog sign there before they put up the notice? If not then double points for increased hilarity.

I don't think Harper can win the majority government he wants but he'll probably still remain in power and just have to suffer through being a minority. Though he's more than welcome to take his toys and leave the political sandbox anytime now really.

Great sign, there should be one at the entrance to this place.

Reminds me of the "Harris Free Zone" fridge magnets from a few years ago.

Sassy ... LOL! I agree totally!

Noamzs has a point and clearly Obama-mania has rubbed off. (It has bitten me too!)

Voter turnout is low thanks to the same old song and dance that every party has put forward over the last 20 years. (Barring, in my opinion, the GPC.)

And while Harper has broken many promises he has kept the most public of them: the GST cuts. I know, I know. They were not very good and in the long-run cost the government more money (and subsequently public funding, like the arts and the Olympics, which he just cut and handed over to the other anyways) but many people will remember this promise as the fundamental bench-mark for his ability go keep his word.

In any event! The poster was pretty good but the game was even better! A 13-5 season is becoming more of a reality every week. We're 2 points higher than we were last year at this time and I think that while our second half of the season is pretty tough (home-and-home against both BC and Calgary) we can come out of the next 6 games 4-2 for sure.

Go Riders! And anyone but Harper!

Nice to hear you have a friend...

I am VERY popular! My social calendar is ALWAYS full! People like the fact that I know how to kick evil Right Wingers where it hurts!

Leftdog, I'm sorry to admit this, but I almost choked on my coffee when I read Trent's zinger.

Well played, Trent. Well played.

Yeah that Trent is a very funny guy!

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