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Tuesday, November 04, 2008 

The Republican DEFEAT Tonight Will Be MASSIVE!

Throughout it's history, the United States of America has seen a few very lopsided wins in the election of the Office of President.

During the 1964 race, Lyndon Johnson won 61.1% of the popular vote, and that result remains the largest popular-vote percentage won by a U.S.presidential candidate since 1820.

Barack Obama will not win by that large a margin, but his victory will be decisive and the defeat of the Republican Party will leave them hurt, miserable and nasty.

The last 28 years have seen 20 years of Republican rule under Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. It is time to take the levers of power away from these right wing, fundamentalist, free-market incompetents and allow a more moderate and progressive direction to be charted for that nation.

The massive turnout of voters in the advance poll indicates to me that a major house cleaning is going to occur this election. Millions of new voters are registered and motivated to do their civic duty by voting.

The Republican scourge is about to have powered ripped out of its hands in the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Oval Office.

And just to add a bit of salt to the wounds that are about to be inflicted on the fundamentalist Right in the USA ... allow me, a true NON-BELIEVER to throw a little of your own biblical nonsense back in your face for a change:

"So shall it be at the end of the age (of Republicans): the messengers shall come forth and sever the wicked (Republicans) from among the just (everyone else), and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."
--Matt. 13:49,50.



You are right about everything but one - the last thing the Republicans want is a true free market. Nope, they want the market that is titled in favour of their cronies, cartellized and propped up in a way so their corporate supporters benefit.

It no freer a market than existed in the Soviet Union. Indeed, its economic fascism.

They'll try and tell you its "the free market" in order to justify excuse what they are doing, but brother, it ain't the free market.

The political system in the US has been in dire need of a purging--to use a Stalinist term--for several years and two presidential election cycles.

Even Karl Rove is predicting a Democratic victory and he's the go-to man for the GOP.

During the next 8 years--or more--
the GOP will have to rebuild itself and the evangelical right will lose much of its influence.

If McCain wins, there will be a rough time in Washington DC and there will be tensions across the land.

The world is watching.

Hope you are right, Buck. Hope there aren't some "incidents" like in Mexico. And, I agree with Mike, the Repuglies are not in favor of a free market, never were and never will be. As long as you have a corporate state,which is what they support to the hilt, there is a controlled market, not a free one.

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