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Sunday, March 29, 2009 

Pssst ... Don't Tell Kate ...

"The Calgary skyline was almost unrecognizable Saturday night as several landmark buildings, including the Calgary Tower, disappeared into the darkness for Earth Hour. While it appeared a giant dimmer switch brought the city's light levels down a notch or two, and power consumption dipped slightly, some wished more Calgarians showed passion for the environment."
Calgary Herald

"TORONTO - And the environmentalists said let there be darkness. And – for an hour, at least – there was darkness: in downtown office towers and suburban homes, in stores big-box and mom-and-pop, at gatherings long-planned and impromptu."
The Star

By all accounts 'Earth Hour' celebrations went well all across Canada last night. In fact even the City of Calgary responded to the international observation of the wisdom of reducing energy consumption.

Now, it was reported that some near crazed individual was seen running around frantically in a small Saskatchewan town, idling motorcycles and old trucks with every light on the property turned on. While locals are used to such antics, others merely shook their heads and wondered at the unfortunate soul who was so desperately seeking attention. Oh well....

Some good pics of events and, before and during (lights on - lights off) pics here

After last years event someome (can't remember who or which org) posted a global map indicating particiation in each country. I can't find one for this year's event but perhaps it it a bit early still.

"By all accounts 'Earth Day' celebrations went well all across Canada last night."

It was not an "Earth Day" celebration. Earth Day is April 22.

The 'hour' was so much fun, it felt like a 'day'!

Your headline:

Pssst ... Don't Tell Kate ...

Even if we ignored her from now to doomsday, she'd never go away.

Not telling her doesn't change her and her ways.


Sadly, my home city (Wpg) was among the least observant of Earth Hour. :(

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