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Thursday, March 26, 2009 

Trouble Ahead For Rob Anders At Calgary West Conservative Nomination Meeting?

Stephen Harper's favorite fundamentalist, commie-fighting, wingnut is dealing with his riding's AGM this weekend, with nomination and election of a new constituency Board on the agenda. Harper has already manipulated the rules of the party to try and protect idiot incompetents like Anders from any serious challenge. However, Mr. Anders may be in trouble in spite of all of Harper's help!

Former oilpatch exec hopes to unseat Rob Anders

Rob Anders and Donna Kennedy-Glans don’t agree on much, but they agree on at least one thing: they haven’t seen much of each other since Anders was first elected in Calgary West under the Reform banner in 1997. “There’s no sense of relationship with the MP,” says Kennedy-Glans, a corporate lawyer and former Nexen vice-president. Like many other political observers, she describes Anders as a lacklustre representative who’s inaccessible, narrow-minded and lacking in empathy. “It’s been really hard to get involved in federal politics in this riding for the last little while,” says Kennedy-Glans, who’s lived in Calgary West for almost 25 years. “I’m finding that’s where a lot of people are at.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Anders has sent a letter to all of the Conservative Party members in his federal riding. One of them has an interesting response to Mr. Anders idiotic arguments!

Buckdog readers will remember that Rob Anders is best known for condemning Nelson Mandela of being a 'terrorist' and for saying that the goal of Canadian foreign aid should be used to make recipients 'more like us'!

"Rob Anders' political views are again coming under fire, as a local lawyer and humanitarian said the Calgary West Conservative told her he believes that Canadian diplomacy and humanitarian work should focus on changing outsiders' language to English and faith to Christianity. [...] Rob Anders advised that if constructive engagement internationally could enable Canadians to influence 'others' (non-Canadians) to be 'more like us,' then he is supportive of such constructive engagement," Kennedy-Glans said in a signed statement. When pressed for details, Rob Anders indicated that 'more like us' had three components: One, ethnicity or race. Two, language, and three, faith. Rob said we couldn't change peoples' race, but we could change outsiders' language to English and faith to Christianity."
Calgary Herald

I wish her all the best. Sounds like a diverse and well rounded candidate.

Must admit it is a rare occasion when I applaud a Tory. But this lady seems to represent a progressive POV that is sorely lacking in Harpo's government. I too wish her luck.

Two things:

Anders has been challenged repeatedly for the nomination, and everytime it's a credible challenger, the party monkeys with the rules.

Second, given Harper's approach to things, I expect that even if this woman gets nominated, she won't get too far in Ottawa - there's an underlying streak of misogyny in the HarperCon$ that will prevent her from making any real gains.

Update: Anders lost control over the Riding Association.

A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Whether they can get rid of Anders in a nomination fight remains an open question.

Ha! Thanks a lot for the update! Let's hope that his MP days are numbered!

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