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Friday, April 10, 2009 

Just another step towards a Republican style conservative party in Canada

I don't know who 'Joe in East York' is, but his comments on a web posting on The Star's website is something that Canadians need to hear from a discouraged Conservative. Joe in East York is articulating what MANY Canadians feel, and it is nice to finally hear some Conservatives actually saying it publicly:

Just another step towards a Republican style conservative party in Canada

"As I have pointed out many times in past postings, the biggest fraud the current so-called conservative party has fostered upon the Canadian public is that it is the party of John A. Macdonald, John Diefenbaker and Brian Mulroney. The truth is that Harper and his gang of Alliance/Reform American styled right-wing ideologists hijacked the Progressive Conservative Party when it was at its weakest. Betrayed from within its own ranks by Peter Mackay, the hostile takeover resulted in the deliberate purging of much hated Red-Tory and Quebec Tory elements from the party. The intention was to break the traditional control exerted by moderate conservatives in the east and to replace it with dominance by Republican styled neo-conservative ideology. The purging of Mulroney is yet another betrayal of traditional Canadian conservative values in favour of the extreme rightwing ideology that Harper and his supporter wish to impose on Canada, while pretending to be moderate “Tory” conservatives."
Submitted by Joe in East York at 8:33 AM Friday, April 10 2009

That's exactly right. Now if a few more of those "hated Red Tories" would only stand up and say the same thing....

No fan of Conservatism, I must admit I do feel some sympathy for Red Tory's who found their party hijacked by the Harper-istas.

The gentleman you cite has reason to be angry. As Canajun said- we need more socially conscious Tory's to stand up and speak for moderation. If nothing else, their voices may prod those right of center to look seriously at all the options. One can always hope.

There is a Quebec Tory element and Brian Mulroney caused them to split off and become the Bloc Quebecois.

Mulroney took one party and made it into three by estranging western Canadians and French Canadians.

End result, pizza parliament.

The Reformers are nothing more than resurrected SoCred populists. Granted there is a mutation with time, but they are SoCred populist libertarians at heart.

All this mess came about because of the
1) killing of the Crow Rate
2) killing the Bristol Aerospace

The Bloc is quite another story but Mulroney's doing is now Harper's undoing. If Mulroney hadn't split the Conservatives, Harper would have a majority government. So, the split in the parties is a blessing in disguise.


There is nothing remotely "libertarian" about the current Conservative party. They may try to sell people on their party using libertarian sounding speech, but they never actually do it.

They are, as we real libertarians say, vulgar libertarians (a riff on vulgar Marxist).

They are as statist and authoritarian as any NDP or Liberal. At least the NDP and the Liberals are honest about their stance.

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