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Thursday, July 30, 2009 

Chalk River Reactor Leaks Radioactive Water For Months

The lack of public outrage over the leak of radioactive water in Ontario baffles me. Are you people all comatose ... or are you just too bloody stupid to comprehend the consequences of radioactive water in your lives?

"OTTAWA — Radioactive water has stopped leaking from the nuclear reactor at Chalk River, ending two months of low-level radiation seeping into the Upper Ottawa Valley atmosphere.

Workers with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. recently completed draining the reactor's 65,000-litre vessel and are now preparing to dispatch a remote-controlled ultra-sonic probe deep into the disabled machine to inspect the site of a leak of tritium-laced heavy water that began May 14.
Ottawa Citizen

It boggles. Back in '06 the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission temporarily suspended SRB operations for dumping radioactive tritium waste into the Ottawa River. Then they lifted it, knowing they themselves were dumping tritium.

In older parts of the city there is not separate storm and sanitary sewers, I wonder if people with flooded basements know that?

Corruption breeds incompetence, and incompetence breeds more corruption and right now the political pollution we live with daily is oppressive. There are SO many issues that desperately need public outrage, I agree this is one of them.

lots of radioactive materials being used around you buckdog. ever use a microwave?

First visit to you site. Love the doggie!

Microwaves to not produce radioactivity!!

What is missing about the leak story is the amount of material involved. We live on a radioactive plant actually - granite is slightly radiactive for instance. If the leakage was adding only very small amounts of radioactivity, then while not ideal, it would not be cause for major concern. On the other hand larger than background amounts of extra radiation would be very wrong.

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