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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 

Fox News Staff Caught Inciting 'Tea Baggers' At Sept 12th Rally

On Friday, Media Matters released a video showing a Fox News producer, dressed in green, stage-managing a protest crowd in front of Congress on September 12th. The video -- which shows a producer waving her arms in the air, encouraging a crowd of protesters to make noise for a live shot -- it provides some of the clearest evidence yet of Fox's central role in manufacturing anti-Obama dissent.

-Daily KOS has more ....

H/T to Tomcat at Politics Plus ....

Conservatives in the United States would be screaming if this was CNN and Bush was still the President.

I wish Saskatchewan was any better. Sadly we have Rawlco radio which donates thousands of dollars to one political party.

Fox News claims that they have 'disciplined' that producer for this. They didn't say what the sanction was, but she remains on salary. Fox news doesn't care. They are more about manipulating the news to suit their own goals than reporting it as it is.

Rawlco Radio donates to the Saskatchewan Party. Gormley admits that he is not a neutral observer of current affairs. He is a hard Right leaning commentator who is not above slanting his comments to benefit both Harper's Conservatives, Wall's Sask Party and the Republicans.

Yet he wonders why the Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats will not come on his show. Why should he? He won't get a fair interview. The interview will be slanted to attack the New Democrats and to portray them and their leader in the most negative light possible. This is not journalism. This is not news broadcasting. This is the Right wing using corporate dollars to try and sway public opinion to their own views, ideas and beliefs.

Oh Rawlco radio is sickening. In fact, I won't buy from ANY store or any product Gormley is spouting about. Maytag appliances, mattresses or whatever I hear his voice on - I ain't touching it. Scumbag shouldn't be allowed on the air.

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