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Monday, September 21, 2009 

Saskatchewan New Democrats Win Two By-Elections

Progressive Bloggers

The Saskatchewan New Democrats have won two provincial by-elections. One of the wins went to Dwain Lingenfelter, newly elected Leader of the Saskatchewan NDP. He took Regina Douglas Park Constituency. The New Democrats also won a seat in Saskatoon Riversdale, where first time candidate, Danielle Chartier will take her place in the Legislative Assembly as an MLA.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party did not run a candidate against Lingenfelter in Regina. Unofficially, many Liberals encouraged their supporters to vote for the Saskatchewan Party candidate (who formerly ran for the provincial Liberals). The strategy did not work as Lingenfelter took over 50% of the vote in Douglas Park.

In Saskatoon, the Liberal candidate nearly came fourth behind the Green Party candidate. It should be noted that the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan is dead ... (well maybe 'the living' dead), considering that they won 0% of the vote in Regina and 2% of the vote in Saskatoon. RIP.

-CBC Saskatchewan
-NDP By-Election Sweep - Saskatoon Star Phoenix
-Regina Leader Post

Photo courtesy Regina Leader Post



that's super leftdog. Saskatoon Riversdale is my sister-in-laws riding. She would have worked on this campaign for the NDP, of course.

Wooo Hooo NDP!!

The following post was submitted by: (Ideas of a soccer guy) - However in my attempt to hit publish and take a sip of my cup of tea, I hit the 'reject' button instead of the 'publish' button. Here is his full post....

Before you left (sic) your leg in joy because you think the liberal party is dead, Maybe you should get your facts numbers right 1st. These numbers show that the liberal was 3rd.

Constituency of Saskatoon Riversdale
Monday, September 21, 2009

Saskatoon Riversdale - Unofficial Results
Alphabetically listed by last name.
36 of 36 Polls Reporting - Time: 9:45 pm CST
Candidates Name Political Affiliation Votes Cast

Danielle Chartier: New Democratic Party (NDP) 2137
Eileen F. Gelowitz: Saskatchewan Liberal Party 107
Corey O'Soup : Saskatchewan Party 1702
Tobi - Dawne Smith: Green Party 83
Rejected Ballots: 12

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill

(Ideas of a soccer guy)

And you are exictd that the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan received 24 MORE votes than the GREEN Party!

There is something very, very wrong with you people!

Yeah, it's wrong not to want a 2 party system, apparently.

What 2 party system. The by-elections prove that we have a very HEALTHY 3 party system in Saskatchewan ... The New Democrats - the Sask Party and the Green Party. What are you referring to???

A multi-party system would be a positive for Saskatchewan and the Green party does seem to want to play that role. Saskatchewan has had three by-elections since the general election and three parties have fielded candidates in all three.

The Liberals made their own choice to only offer voters the ability to support them in one by-election. Difficult to complain about the state of Saskatchewan politics if you are a political party who does not run in the majority of by-elections.

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