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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 

There Are NO Climate Change 'Deniers' Amongst The Inuit In Canada's Arctic

Progressive Bloggers

In the Canadian arctic community of Iqaluit, the local Nunatsiaq News had to tell readers for the last two years that the unusual red-breasted birds they were seeing everywhere in the spring and summer are called 'robins'.

In the Canadian arctic community of Tuktoyaktuk, the melting permafrost is causing havoc in the local cemetery. As well for the first time in Inuit oral tradition, killer whales are now seen regularly in the ice free coastal waters.

You will not find 'climate change denial' amongst the Inuit - people who are being the most affected. No .. climate change denial is a luxury of those who insist on changing facts to suit their economic ideology.

-Nunatsiaq News

-Boston Globe

Aren't paeleantologists finding bones etc. in the melting ice? Are they there by divine intervention or was the Arctic once temperate?
I guess that was before the Inuit moved there so its before their memories.


The Inuit have been in the arctic for 40,000 years. Yes, the arctic was temperate in prehistoric times ... but since the last Ice Age, there has been NO northwest passage, NO robins in the arctic and NO killer whales near Iqaluit.

Bottom line is this ... the climate is changing .. likely because of the activity of 6,000,000,000 people on the planet.

that's it - robins in the arctic, these are exactly the kinds of statements that are necessary in this oh such a 'fair' country where giving the deniers equal time seems like the right thing to do, and then you can't get them to shut up and listen, I don't mean to cut them off, some of them are highly entertaining, but robins in the arctic is exactly the kind of trumpet-stuffer that comes in handy ... good on ya' keep it up

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