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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 

Buckdog Books Off 'Sick' For Awhile

This will be short. Over the last few days, I have been having trouble with one of my eyes followed by a rapid loss of vision since yesterday. This morning I received the bad news that I have a Retinal detachment and risk losing sight in the eye without immediate surgery. I have just now finished surgery and am trying my best to use this keyboard with a bandaged eye and some fair pain and discomfort.

Since I have to lay prone for the next number of days while I heal, there will be no blogging from me until I get this all behind me.

Happy New Years to all of the readers of this blog. Take care, and have a happy new year.

Till later......


That's terrible news. Well, I hope the recovery goes well for you. Get better!

Take care.

That is major painful and some good radio or audiobooks are the best for lying down.

See ya when you get back.

What a very sad situation, Buckdog.

Take all the time necessary to recover.

I'll miss you during your recovery.

Be strong, come back well and whole.

Get some rest. Hope all goes well with your recovery. Best wishes.


Just when I was coming here to get your take on Harper Going Pro-Rogue. Best wishes and I hope you feel better.

Yikes! Take care. I hope you heal up nice and fast.

And happy new year, too!

Keep an eye on your health and get well.

Doug Taylor
Next Year Country

Good gravy! I had a similar injury to the eye years ago. Make sure to follow your doc's advice and be sure to relax a whole lot. No need to stress yourself right now at all.

Hope you get better Bucko.

Take care of that eye and yourself Leftdog, hope the recovery process proceeds smoothly. May you, as best you can, welcome the New Year sure in the knowledge that once able to blog again there are many of us looking forward to reading what you write. Again, take care and best wished for speedy recovery.

hi Buckdog...I'm sorry to hear about your eye problem. Get well soon eh? And don't worry we'll cover your spot in the front line until you get back. And then you can give them HELL... :)

Hope you and that eye get well soon.

See? your Saskatchewanian eyes finally bugged so much out of your head over the politics, something popped. Same thing happened to my dad, a Sasky NDPer.

Get well.

Recover well, LeftFeller.

Take very good care.

With wishes for a full recovery and all the best in 2010.

Glad they seem to have caught it in time, my friend. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a Happy New Year.

Wishing you all the best and my hope for your speedy recovery.

Dawg, I'm so sorry to learn that you are ill. I hope your eye recovers fully and quickly.

Happy New Year to you and all here!

Get well soon, friend. I understand these surgeries are very effective these days.

Take care Buckdog and make a full recovery, my prayers are with ya and the blogosphere misses ya!

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