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Friday, January 08, 2010 

"Conservatives bent on proroguing intelligent discussion of any kind"

"It is as if the Conservatives were bent on proroguing, not just Parliament, but intelligent discussion of any kind"
Andrew Coyne

"Parliamentary scrutiny may be tedious, but democracies cannot afford to dispense with it."
The Economist

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Nice to see you back. How are you?

I am almost completely blind in my bad eye and recovery seems to be going very slowly. I am, however, so completely pissed off at our Prime Minister for screwing around with Democracy in this nation, that I was forced to get out my magnifying glass and do a post on this disgrace.
I am trying to refrain from profanity. To put things bluntly, Harper is a danger to the democracy of Canada.

How good to see you back again I wish you good health and swift recovery!

As for Herr Harper toggling the democracy stop/start switch as he chooses, well that is the most chilling thing I have seen in Canada in my lifetime.

Just like we did against Devine 25 years ago, we need to energize, organize, mobilize, and vocalize against Harper's unending arrogance.

Keep the facts in front of the people so they don't get lost when the next election is held. Remind them about the in/out election scheme; remind them about the food inspection cover up; remind them about the isotope debacle; remind them of Chuck Cadman, of the bribery allegations, the tape recording, the lawsuit. And never let anyone forget that Stephen Harper is the man who shut down our democracy twice in about a year.

Perhaps a good start would be to hold a funeral for democracy and then organize as much peaceful citizen opposition and demonstration as we can. Who else is in?

I've been saying the same thing from before he was elected.
If you go back through your comments, you'll see.


It's good to have you back but, please, do take care of yourself first. It's a very serious thing to lose one's sight.

It's another when a so-called leader loses sight of the democratic and parliamentary process.

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