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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 

'Parliament Makes Canada Unstable ' says Stephen Harper

I had to shake my head a couple of times after watching Harper's interview with BNN. In the interview, he says that a minority parliament in Canada creates instability in the 'markets'. HUH?? Don't these words sound like our prime minister would rather do away with parliamentary democracy and simply run the nation without any input from or accountability to THE PEOPLE!

-Ottawa Citizen

(Even a former chief of staff and friend to Harper is speaking out about his recent actions) .....

Tom Flanagan: "Well, you know, it actually doesn't make much sense to me. The market just in this past year had, I think, its greatest increase in a single year, and that was in, during a minority government. I don't think the antics of politicians have actually that much to do with the market, i think that's based on economic fundamentals as investors see them. So i think the prime minister is stretching a bit when he made that comment.

Evan Solomon: "What do you think the strategy is behind that, Tom?"

Tom Flanagan: "Well, I don't know that there's much strategy behind it. I think his problem is that the government's talking points really don't have much credibility. Everybody knows that Parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the Afghan inquiry, and the trouble is that the government doesn't want to explain why that was necessary. Personally I think it was highly defensible action, but instead of having an adult defence of it, the government comes up with these childish talking points. So then you try and backfill with other stuff that doesn't make much sense either. So it's a self-created problem."

Tom Flanagan, for good measure, then added: "I hope nobody thinks I'm a Harper stooge anymore."

Glad to see you back! Hope that the healing went well?

I was just looking at the Wheat Board stuff, thinking that it may be good to mention how many times the Harper Gov has lost on court, and how many times they have broken the law there.....
Is there one good article in your opinion that contains most of that info Buckdog? :)
I thought of you first.

Thanks pale .. I'll see what I can find ... more eye surgery later this week.

Harper complains about Parliament being a failure.

Harper's the failure-- several times over. The cause? He couldn't deliver a majority government in his tries to form one.

There are no do-overs or mulligans when it comes to the ballot box, Stevie.

Next time round, you might not be at the helm. Thank God for such mercies.

Thanks Buckdog. So sorry to hear that you have to have more surgery.

Ill peek in. I posted the Gerry Ritz quote this evening, It would be great to have the entire context, but I only know a bit of it. It has been going on so long now. :)

Hope all is better for you there soon.

Very nice blog you have here. I like reading political blogs for some reason. Anyway, I have a site myself where people from around the world come and debate on popular issues. I feel as if this will give citizens some form of power, letting their voices be heard.

I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. If you'd like to, please leave a comment under our "Compadres" page when you've added our link and we'll return the favor.

Until then, keep up the good work.


Dawg, Harper is a lot like Bush. he'd rather govern a Reich than a Republic.

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