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Sunday, January 10, 2010 

When Stephen Harper walks into the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics ....

... imagine the loud, boisterous and heartfelt 'BOOOOO' that is going to rise up from a large part of the crowd, showing the world what we think of our current leader! - A leader who suspended Canada's democratically elected parliament ... TWICE in one year!!

Ontarians did the same thing to Mike Harris at the Skydome when Nelson Mandela was a guest speaker.

Imagine 55,000 people booing Harris and enthusiastically cheering Nelson Mandela.

Very telling.

And so it should be for Vancouver.

Harper: "Did they say, 'Boo?'"

Angry Baird: "No, they said, 'Boowahper.'"

Boo seems a bit vague and indistinct for my liking at such an event regardless of how much I like the imagery.

Now imagine if they chanted something like: "Get back to work!".

While Harper's public humiliation would give me no end of thrills, I don't know that I want that to happen while the whole world is watching. I just think it would be embarrassing to Canadians. Could we humiliate him at the polls instead?

It would be embarrassing to Harper and he deserves it. He already canceled out of attending the Gold Medal Game of the World Junior Hockey Tournament in Saskatoon last week because he was afraid of being booed on the live TV broadcast.

The concept of 'Vox Populii' is long known in government. The 'voice of the people' is supreme and the delicate feelings of an embryonic dictator like Harper are totally irrelevant to those who love democracy in Canada.

He is a threat to our democracy. Boo him as loudly as is humanly possible!

Couldn't possibly be as big as the Booo Lorne Clavert got at the Juno Awards...

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