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Tuesday, March 02, 2010 

Alberta Government To Include 'Importance Of Oil Industry' Class Into School Curriculum

"Buried among all the budget cuts and discontinued programs in the recent provincial budget there was an announcement of two new programs in the Department of Energy. The first of these would see the energy department "work within Alberta’s education system to facilitate a flow of age-suitable information about the energy industry, its importance and its future." The second would see the department "develop and deliver education supports to raise awareness of carbon capture and storage technology and its important contribution to greenhouse gas mitigation objectives."

In case there was any doubt about what these two new strategies actually mean, Energy Minister Ron Liepert eliminated it when he told the Calgary Herald that the program is designed to highlight the importance of the energy industry to Alberta, the environmental successes of the Alberta government, and to combat the wide-spread "misinformation" about both."


"Good morning class. Today's lesson is the oilsands, or as we like to refer to it in Alberta, "God's oil spill." Oilsands are made up of bitumen, a sticky substance that oozes naturally from the banks of the Athabasca River. First Nations people once used bitumen to patch their canoes. Today, we use it to heat our homes, power our vehicles and make all kinds of wonderful products such as balloons, soccer balls and even some candy. We all like candy, don't we?

Some people, like David Suzuki -- or as we like to refer to him in Alberta, Satan -- will try to tell you that the oilsands are bad. This is not true. Oil is used to make bicycle tires, and bicycles help reduce carbon from greenhouse gas emissions, which is the stuff that results from the burning of oil products, such as gasoline. Some scientists say that these gases cause global warming. So, by making bicycle tires, we help stop global warming. Therefore, oil is good for the environment."

Calgary Herald

The only question I have about this concept is whether or not they will also try to tell these school kids that the earth is only 6,000 years old.

Where does classroom instruction end and propaganda begin? It sounds either coroporatist or a party political from the minister of energy.

Classroom teaching has been getting corporatised over the last decades in the US and now it's coming to Alberta.

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