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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 

Exec Assistant To MP Helena Guergis Caught Writing 'Letters To The Editior' Praising Her Boss!

"COLLINGWOOD, Ont. - The executive assistant for Simcoe-Grey MP Helena Guergis has written letters to several Ontario newspapers that are highly complimentary of her boss - and written under a different name, QMI Agency has learned.

Several newspapers in the riding, located north of Toronto, have received letters from a Jessica Morgan over the last year. Morgan is the married name of Guergis’ executive assistant Jessica Craven.

The letters don't identify the writer as an employee of the member of Parliament, and are sent from a Yahoo e-mail address. QMI Agency confirmed a phone number provided with the letters is in Craven’s name.

After trying to deflect questions when contacted by QMI on Tuesday, Craven later admitted that she was the writer. She denied any conflict of interest."

Toronto Sun

Propaganda? What propaganda none of that stuff here. Harper brought transparency and accountability back to government after all. Um that was sarcasm by the way.

She stated that her being a private citizen is different from being an assistant to the MP in question.
She wears two hats, obviously.
Wearing her private citizen hat, she can say whatever she likes about whatever.

Using that logic, it's natural for her to write gushingly praising letters to the editor about her boss.

You see, she can be of two minds on any subject; her professional and private capacities.

Two hats, two minds. Two faces, too, perhaps?

Her hubby taught her well.

What is this agency that tracked the letters?

ok. i looked up what this qmi agency is.
i wonder why they tracked the writer of the letters.
what made them curious?


OTTAWA — Helena Guergis is not the only politician to be praised in letters to the editor by her own staff members masquerading as ordinary Canadians.

Indeed, as reported during the 2005 federal election, Liberal Party operatives, mainly from the youth wing, initiated a letter-writing campaign to media outlets across the country praising Paul Martin’s national child-care proposal and bashing Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

One of the many letters was reportedly written by a former speech writer for Jean Chretien and another by a once national director of the Young Liberals.

In those instances none of the authors identified their ties to the party.
In 2000, a letter to the editor of QMI Agency’s Sarnia Observer was extremely critical of Preston Manning and the Reform Party.

It was later revealed it had been written by an assistant to a neighbouring Liberal MP.
Liberal MP Wayne Easter, who is still bitter about Guergis’ infamous tantrum

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