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Saturday, March 13, 2010 

For Those Who Don't Think That Texas Is 'Right Wing' Enough ...

The Governor of Texas is a Republican. Both Texas senators are Republicans. Of the 31 federal House Representatives, 20 are Republican and 11 are Democrat.

Well, the far Right legislators in that state have now rewritten the school curriculum for all students. What they have eliminated and what they have inserted is pretty shocking:

-Study of Thomas Jefferson is removed and lengthy study of religious right icon John Calvin has been inserted.

-The State Curriculum Board refused to require that "students learn that the Constitution prevents the U.S. government from promoting one religion over all others."

-Included are new subjects on "American exceptionalism" and the 'U.S. free enterprise system', teaching that the system thrives best when free from any government intervention.

-The names or references to important Hispanic Texans throughout history also were denied, includng one Democrat amendment that would have taught that Tejanos (Texans of Mexican ancestry) died at the Alamo alongside Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie.

-Another amendment deleted a requirement that sociology students learn how institutional racism was practiced or is evident in American society.

-Huffington Post


Definition of Texas:

Alabama with good highways.

Forgive me if you already know this, but this has much farther-reaching implications than the state of Texas. Most of the textbooks in all US states conform to Texas standards. I used to edit textbooks, and you work with a copy of the Texas Board of Education requirements in front of you, checking off a list to make sure everything meets their standards.

When ignorance, bias, and institutionalized racism are sanctioned by any state ... then it safe to say that the State is broken!

L-girl, I believe that practice would stop if a substantial number of other boards of education in other states would firmly refuse to buy such clap-trap when purchasing text books. With more independent and self-publishing springing up, the Texas textbook monopoly could finally bite the dust. In fact, more and more text books will probably be ebooks that can be made to meet the requirements of each individual board doing the ordering. A "Just Say No!" to historically or scientifically inaccurate textbooks campaign needs to be launched nation-wide. Sadly, we might have to let Texan children stew in their own system-created ignorance, but let the rest of us break our children free from such stupidity.

First of all, BooCat, I disagree with you entirely. Not only should people stick to paper, they should also stick to official textbooks, only that they are written with approval and advice by experts in their respective fields. If there's anything I detest more, it's anarchist trash that politicize everything without regard to reality. We're talking about teaching children, not indoctrinating them.

Second, I am disgusted that a royalist group in the United States dare to call themselves republican. A true republican is someone who believes in a republic, one governed by the people through an elected leader and a body of elected representatives.

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