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Thursday, March 11, 2010 

New York Fire Department (FDNY) Says Saskatchewan Party Poster Is Offensive

"The FDNY (Fire Department of New York) hopes that no one ever forgets what happened on September 11th. However, we do think that the use of images of the attacks for political or monetary gain, like the image on this poster, is in bad taste."
Frank Dwyer
FDNY spokesperson
Digital Journal

"It was inappropriate without a doubt.” They wanted me to talk about September 11 and they bundled it with a fundraiser and with a pig roast. It wasn’t too bright on someone’s part.”
Chief Picciotto

-And the New York Post BLASTS the Saskatchewan Party as unapologetic 'small town politicos"!

-As well ... New York Magazine weighs in with some advice for the Saskatchewan Party

-And it looks like American Right Wing News thinks that their ideological Canadian cousins wrote the book on Supid Ideas 101 ...

-Not to mention the many other American Conservative Blogs that are simply stunned at the lack of good judgment found in the Saskatchewan Party

-The Edmonton Journal shakes it's editorial head

-Local media outline how the Saskatchewan Party has brought negative impression of the province to Americans

-And the Indo-Asian News Service informed the sub-continent of India about the American reaction to the Saskatchewan Party poster - shown here on their Blog ....

-Globe & Mail has more

Background ....

A quote from the Starphoenix Friday March 12th 2010

"Young said the premier's office and the constituency office of Environment Minister Nancy Heppner, the Martensville MLA, had not received any calls from the public over the flyer."

This my friends is an outright LIE!!
I for one called both offices yesterday to voice my outrage at such a callus and stupid act!
So now as per the norm the gestapo that is Walls public relations department is trying to hide more of the truth from us!
This foolish, foolish woman has embarrassed our entire country with this ridiculous advertisement!
Why has she not been removed from her position yet?
it is my opinion that to do anything less only shows the world that we as Canadians could care less about what hurts other people.
This is indeed a very sad day in our history.

Thank you so very much for continuing to follow this story so well and so thoroughly.

Thank goodness we have bloggers who care about real news and who will do the job that is being ignored by the traditional, corporate news media.

I understand that members of the legislative press gallery were shown the offending poster even before it appeared on a number of Saskatchewan blog sites, and refused to follow up or do any stories!

Now they have been embarrassed into following your lead, as this has become a North American story!

We need a full investigation of how poorly-served our province has been by the corporate media, who spend all their time regurgitating government news releases and government spin, and no time investigating and exposing the information that matters.

Another victory for citizen journalists!

Thanks! I think that the power of the new media (blogs - facebook - twitter) has not yet registered with many in the MSM. A good example of this is the reaction of cyberspace to Harper's prorogation of parliament. He and many political pundits believed that the public didn't care. Wrong.

Those of us who have been using the new tools for awhile are aware of how effective these new forums have become. Not recognizing the effectiveness of new media is a guarantee of being left behind in the dust of 21st century communications techniques. I mean, blacksmiths were once relevant too! Lessons can be learned from their demise a century ago.

Personally, I think firing Nancy Heppner for this would be overkill for what was, really, poor judgement, not malice.

Mind you, I also think it was overkill when Lorne Calvert caved in to the Saskies and fired Ted Bowen for referring to the least intellectually gifted president in US history as "Shrub."

Since the Saskies called for Ted's firing, they really should be consistent.

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