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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 

Why Are Members Of The Saskatchewan Party Taking Funds Belonging To The Sask Progressive Conservative Party? - PART 2

For the record:
No government Member rose to answer any of these questions put to them in the Saskatchewan Legislature for a second day in a row on April 13, 2010

Progressive Bloggers

Mr. Yates: — Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I have in my hand a Court of Queen's Bench judgment. Mr. Speaker, on June 18, 2008, Justice Kyle said, and I quote:
". . . the plaintiff said the specific persons involved are Brad Wall, Doug Emsley, Ken Krawetz, Reg Downs and caucus members who discussed the withholding of the Progressive Conservative trust money." Mr. Speaker, that's a direct quote. My question is to the Premier: did the Premier, his Deputy Premier, or any member of his caucus ever conspire to take the Progressive Conservative trust money to fix the outcome of the 2007 general election?"

The Speaker: — I remind the member of the rules, the rules that were brought into place in 2005 and prior to, that questions relating to political parties or Board of Internal Economy are not directly related to ministerial responsibility. The ministers may or may not choose to answer the questions. I recognize the member from Regina Dewdney.

Mr. Yates: — Mr. Speaker, my question is to the Premier in his role as the Chair of the Executive Council. Has the Premier and the Deputy Premier or any member of his caucus ever attended a meeting with the trustees of the Progressive Conservative Party trust to conspire to take the money and fix the outcome of the 2007 general election?

The Speaker: — Again I remind the House of the rules implemented by the members of the fact that questions are to be directed toward ministerial responsibility. Anything related to party or board may or may not be responded to. Member from Regina Dewdney.

Mr. Yates: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. The role of the government and the role of the Executive Council is to act on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan in a manner which is in the best interest of the people of Saskatchewan. My question to the Premier is this: how many of the Progressive Conservative trust trustees named in the judgment from the Court of Queen's Bench were or are members or supporters of the Saskatchewan Party?

The Speaker: — I again remind members of rule 19(2), and the fact that questions should be directly related to ministerial duties and responsibilities. I recognize the member from Regina Dewdney.

Mr. Yates: — Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I'll move my questions then to the Minister of Justice who has a responsibility under law to represent the rule of law. And, Mr. Speaker, I ask the Minister of Justice the following question: since he has been appointed, since he has been appointed Minister of Justice, has he ever met with, talked to, or been aware of any meetings or discussions between the Premier, the Deputy Premier, any caucus member, or any senior staff member with the trustees of the PC [Progressive Conservative] trust fund over the future of the PC trust fund and fixing the fund?

The Speaker: — Just to remind members that questions should be directly related to a ministerial responsibility, ministerial responsibility. And anything . . . The rules are very . . . The rules are . . . [Interjections] Order. Order. Order. The rules are very clear about anything regarding party, Board of Internal Economy, 19(2). Read the rules. Read the rules. Read the rules. Next question. Next question. Member from Regina Dewdney.

Mr. Yates: — Mr. Speaker, it's unfortunate that ministers of the Crown don't follow their own legislation. Mr. Speaker, I have in my hand the Court of Queen's Bench judgment. And I'm going to quote again from Justice Kyle: "It also said that between 2003 and December 2008, the P.C. Party trustees, represented by Douglas Emsley, met with Saskatchewan Party Caucus, Brad Wall and Ken Krawetz. As a result of these meetings, the Saskatchewan Party caucus was informed that the P.C. Party of Saskatchewan would not receive any money from its trust until after the 2007 general election". My question, Mr. Speaker, is to the Premier: will the Premier admit that he conspired to fix the outcome of the 2007 general election?"

The Speaker: — Again I'm not exactly sure where the member from Regina Dewdney is going with the questions, bringing into the Assembly judicial rulings. And in regards to the rules before the Assembly, ministers feel it's their responsibility, they may or may not respond to the question. I recognize the member from Regina Dewdney.

Mr. Yates: — Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. I want to state again that the integrity of a government and the members of Executive Council are paramount to the people's confidence in their government. Mr. Speaker, this was appealed by the Saskatchewan Party. And I want to read the final quote from Justice Kyle, and I quote: "Clearly, the action against the Saskatchewan Party would not be allowed to proceed if it were just a publicity stunt or an exercise in paranoia but the dual roles of the trustees and the questioned changes in the trust agreement by the trustees raise enough questions that the matter is not plain and obvious and beyond doubt as the precedents require. In the result, therefore, I find that the application fails to meet the established test and it is therefore dismissed with costs in the cause to the plaintiff." Mr. Speaker, so I ask the Minister of Justice once again: has he ever been part of any meeting, any discussions, or is he aware of any meeting or discussions between the Premier or the Deputy Premier or any member of his caucus with members of the PC trust fund over fixing the trust fund to not allow the Conservative Party to obtain their money?

The Speaker: — I just remind the members of the rules that were implemented, by the rules of the Assembly we've been operating under for years. And as we have already noted before, the questions should be related directly to ministerial responsibility. Anything with regards to party or Board of Internal Economy, a minister or any one minister of the Crown may choose to respond.

From Hansard - Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan
April 13, 2010

-Official Opposition Website has more ...

As an outsider looking in, I find this amazing. Like watching the machinations of the political system of a third world country.

Man, nothing, but nothing has changed on that side of the political stream in the province. And people still vote for them. Like something's going to change this time.

I blame the proximity to Alberta.

I am starting to believe the crazy conspiracy theories about Lingenfelter being sent back to Saskatchewan to destroy the NDP. Why would you suggest the Sask Party rigged an election when your own party leader may be going to jail for rigging an election? Why remind people?

Told you not to vote for Link, said Mieli was the man, but nooooo, you wouldn't listen.

Trent sorry I am late getting to this, I am still recoveing from my 3rd eye surgery and have been away all day for followup.

Now first things first. You think it is good, I assume, that Wall steals $3 Million from the PC Trust Fund, eh? The courts will decide and I am betting on the Progressive Conservatives.

As for Mr. Lingenfelter, that is a pretty low blow you throw there seeing that he is not being investigated for anything and the RCMP did lay a charge against an enthusiastic supporter.

Big difference between an internal leadership contest and a provincial election - big difference between some memberships and $3 Million.

If the New Democrats had about 7000 more votes scattered around 9 constituencies, they would have won a 5th term.

Wall is not doing well. The mismanagment of the provinces finanes will be his downfall. The antics of his Caucus is also not helping him.

How are you by the way. I hope your health is well. I am totally blind in my detached retina eye becaue they have taken the lens out as well and I am operating with only one at the moment. As a result, blogging and long replies like this take me a long time to do.

Take care. Stay healthy and think about coming over from the dark side! LOL ... bye ;)

You, of all people, know that if any one in the NDP publicly made the accusations outside of the Legislature they would be sued and would lose. Libel. The media can report on what is said in the Legislature, but even they have to be careful.

Truly hope your better, soon. The pain must be unbearable at times.

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