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Saturday, May 08, 2010 

Lessons For Saskatchewan Health Minister Apply To The Full Cabinet

"REGINA — In a scenario not seen at the Saskatchewan legislature in nearly three decades, the speaker of the assembly ruled Tuesday that there was enough evidence to suggest Health Minister Don McMorris misled the assembly to require a debate by MLAs. [...] McMorris said in question period on April 12 that Information and Privacy Commissioner Gary Dickson was formally consulted "four different times on this very regulation." However, he clarified to reporters on Monday that three formal consultations took place, and they occurred between 2004 and 2007 under the previous NDP government when a similar change was contemplated."
-Regina Leader-Post

I think that Saskatchewan's Health Minister, Don McMorris is a pretty good guy. I think that he is trying to do the best that he can with the resources that he has available to him.

This week's ruling by the Speaker and the subsequent debate by the Legislature ended with an apology by McMorris for misleading the House.

The key here is simple. As the Minister, he has to balance his heavy workload with huge public expectations. He, more than any other minister, deals with real life and death issues. He oversees the largest department of the provincial government and has already aged a fair bit during his tenure as health minister.

My advice to him is simple. Do not assume - do not take short cuts - do not adopt a flippant attitude in your work. Take time to boil things down to essentials.

Mr. McMorris, you have what I consider to be the most important job in the Cabinet because the health, in fact, the very lives of Saskatchewan citizens rests in your portfolio. Surrounded, as you are by the lunatic fringe of your particular political party is, no doubt, a factor in your overall balancing act.

Do what is right for the people of Saskatchewan. Don't listen to the nutbars in your Caucus who look at everything through the tint of their political glasses. I believe completely, that you wanted to stand and deal with this matter immediately, but those who control the 'politics' in your caucus decided to do it their way.

Good luck ...

Speaking in ignorance, I wouldn't want to have his job.

Miss ya Dawg!

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