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Thursday, May 06, 2010 

Motion To Open Tommy Douglas CSIS File Unanimously Passed By Saskatchewan Legislature

The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly unanimously passed an Opposition Motion today, asking CSIS to open their file on former Saskatchewan Premier, Tommy Douglas. To date, officials from CSIS have refused to release the information, citing 'national security' issues. BS! I think they are more worried about 'national embarrassment' issues for certain, still living, Canadian politicians.

Two issues, however, should be pointed out about this story:

First, even though the Motion did pass in the Legislature, certain far-Right leaning Members of the Saskatchewan Party Caucus boycotted the vote. These included former Conservative Party Leader, Bill Boyd, former Conservative MP Jeremy Harrison and Premier Brad Wall as well as Cabinet Ministers Nancy Heppner and Ken Cheveldayoff, and Yogi Huyghebaert. All six remained away from the Chamber during the historic vote.

Secondly, at the same time that the vote occurred, a Historical Plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first election of Tommy Douglas's 5 term government in 1944 was quietly removed from the rotunda of the Legislative Building! I have to wonder if the removal of the historical marker was not done as a sop to the extreme Right wing of the Saskatchewan Party?

-CBC has more ...

Splendid! The time is long overdue for Canadians to learn to what extent CSIS had been investigating a canadian elected official.

You really want
Tommy's CSIS file opened and made public?

Be careful what you wish, you just might get it.

Trent, please please don't tell me that you are going to try an raise the 'specter' of the Sask Party LIE about ... EUGENICS! That Tommy 'embraced' eugenics. What a load of crap!

The ONLY Canadian Province that ever adopted Eugenics as official policy was Alberta where RIGHT WING political parties (the PC's and Social Credit) STERILIZED THOUSANDS OF PERSONS (mostly First Nations). This policy of removing the ablility to reproduce was conducted by Preston Manning's father. The Sask Party has be trying to tie Douglas to this and it is a lie ... you know it!

Now the other LIE that you may be trying to advance is the old old old tired lie from the RIGHT about ties to American Labour and hence (in the primitive thinking of Right thinkers) a connection to the Teamseters or 'organized crime'. Historical facts do not bear out either of these tired old lies that the Saskatchewan Party is trying to advance.

... and you wonder why I put the caution on the mast head of this blog concerning my low level of tolerance for the desperate lies of the Right wing!

Trent ... that little thing you just did with Murray Wood is unbelievable .... seriously dude.

Once again I have proven my ability to make an ass of myself. I don't even have a drinking problem to blame it on. Is it true that humility builds character?

Back to the topic at hand, what do you think could possibly be in that file that would be beneficial to your cause? It is already well known that Tommy had wicked fights with communists in the CCF/NDP, you may notice I never call Tommy a communist, so what can be in there? Nothing good... For you! I can't wait to read every single page!
I warned you about Lingenfelter now I'm warning you about this CSIS file. I know you will disagree, but you've been warned.

The ongoing efforts by right wingers (conservative types) to demonize the left is pretty nauseating. Until a few years ago, the word 'socialist' was not in your vocabulary but now it is overused beyond belief. Socialist socialst socialist socialst. You are like a bunch of idiots yammering away trying to create hate and venom towards anyone who disagrees with your 'unfettered free market' bullshit.
We are your neighbours and coworkers. We have children, pay our taxes and mow our lawns yet the hatred that your political colleagues have unleashed is pretty awful and totally unacceptable. What's next? Are you going to throw rocks through our windows or if worse comes to worse, shoot us because we happen to have different economic and political views than you do?
This calculated activity to vilify Tommy Douglas must come from a fear of losing ground to those who disagree with you. I am disgusted. Throw rocks at my window if you feel you have to ....

Lay off the melodramatics, ok?
Goes double for the victim card; you goes play extremely rough and spare nothing, not even wives and children, from the political fray. So don't pretend you don't try to label your opponents every chance you get.
And you still haven't answered what you think you will find. Nobody cares about that old file - except me - or even knows it exists, so why bring it up? What do you think is in there?

Why are you so worried about Tommy's file? New Democrats are interested because it is part of our history. The fact that the Federal government was aware of ongoing RCMP scrutiny is of interest to us because we want to know if the following Liberal PM's:
-St. Laurent
and the following Conservative PM's:
gave any instructions to the RCMP concerning Douglas.

History shows that Diefenbaker actually liked Douglas and thought that Medicare was a good thing for the people of Canada. If you knew your Saskatchewan history, you would know that tens of thousands of Sask people voted for Diefenbaker federally and Douglas provincially - they would rather die than vote Liberal. We used to call these people Red Tories and they were civil and good citizens.

But during the 1980's, something happened to the Right. The de-evolution of 'old style conservatives' of the 1950's to the unrecognizable REFORMERS that they have turned into today.

What you said on Murray Wood's show today was ridiculous. Wood's himself called what you said on his show, slander.

I wonder if you know about Charles McVety's views on Douglas and eugenics. I have a link here for you.


The self-important cryptic Christian strikes again.

1. Dead people can't sue for slander or defamation of character and last time I check old Tommy has been dead for 24 years.
2. I can prove all that I say.
3. What is with all this suing stuff anyway?
4. "The fact that the Federal government was aware of ongoing RCMP scrutiny is of interest to us because we want to know if the following Liberal PM's:
-St. Laurent
and the following Conservative PM's:
gave any instructions to the RCMP concerning Douglas."
Your kidding, right? You, me and maybe 2 other people (there's more, but I'm making a point) know who these people were and even fewer care.
5. The only reason I have studied up on Douglas is because the relentless effort by the NDP to make him into a demi-god.
6. After WWII Churchill was famous beyond belief, the crowds that would gather just for a glimpse of him passing by were staggering, no modern celebrity has even come close, not even Elvis, yet, and you're going to love this, he lost the 1945 election to the Labour Party. Of course he was PM again 5 years later, but that's beside the point. Churchill's enormous celebrity wasn't enough to guarantee political victory.
7. No one cares about any of this other than us die-hard political junkies and even then it is only trivial.

Who said anything about a law suit? Woods was correct when he labelled your hateful comments as 'slander' .. not every case of slander leads to law suits.

I go back to what I said about the Right wing's obsesseion with their definitiion of 'socialism' ...

Tell me Trent, would you label the Fire Dept of Saskatoon as 'socialist'? As a taxpayer, whether you like it or not, the city takes a portion of your mandatory tax $$ and uses it to fund a mechanism where trained staff, with modern equipment can rush immediately to the site of a fire and put it out. The private sector has not come up with a better way to fight fires in crowded urban areas. According to your critereia, the Saskatoon Fire Dept is a 'socialist' entity and is therefore worthy of your hatred, disgutst and contempt.

This nonsense about 'socialism' proves the flaw in right wng thinkng.

At both ends of the spectrum, private (capitalist) and pubic (socialist as you call it) there are benefits and negatives.

The unfettered free market of the USA nearly bankrupted the world economy at the end of the Bush term. Like it or not, the USA has some regulations to monitor the financial industry, unfortunately, the regulations were not being followed and you saw what happens.

Currently in Greece, we have a situation where for years, the governmnt has spent MORE than what they HAD as revenue. Whenever a Right wing government or a Left Wing governmant or ANY kind of government SPENDS MORE than what comes in, you will have eonomoic failure eventually.

The Saskatchewan Conservative gov't of Grant Devine (certainly NOT socialists by your definition) spent far more than what came in and brought our economy to the brink.

Whether LEFT or RIGHT, when a nation spends irresponsily for prolonged periods, failure can occur.

That is the problem that I am having with Wall. The Provincial Auditor has already condemned his financial book keeping methods and has outlined what the TRUE nature of the governments finances are.

Left or Right... if you spend more than you bring in, you will have problems. I find it hilarious that persons on the Right are trying to portray that they are the keepers of fiscal sanity and that the Left is not. Bullshit on that! ;)

You want to run the economy like a fire deptment?
I've come to like you and have enjoyed our debates over the years, but lately it's getting a bit too heated so I'm going to refrain from post here for awhile.
When I thought more about your rock throwing accusations I realize that they probably stem from the extremely angry and borderline violent reception Dwain Lingenfelter and the NDP allegedly are receiving from farmers. That behavior, if true and I believe it is, is out line and has no place in our province. Putting forth examples of NDP supporters doesn't excuse or justify screaming profanities at a senior citzen simply trying to garner a vote.
Hopefully in the future we can resume are arguments/debates again, in the meanwhile, best wishes.

You want to run the economy like a fire deptment?" ... Trent .. that statement is what Progressives mean when they label somehing as 'reactionary' .. a knee jerk comment based on emotion.

I used the fire dept example to ilustrate that SOME things in a SOCIETY (you assume 'economy') are best achieved by a cooperative initiative.

I believe in an 'economy' that has 3 elements working together:
-private enterprise (businesses)
-public enterprise (like utility crowns)
-co-operative enterprise (like your local co-op dealer).

I don't like communism - which advocates TOTAL public conrol with no private enterprise.

I don't like unfettered free market capitalism - with the economy completely at the mercy of the chaos of the stock market.

I like a middle way that balances it all.

My point in this thread is a criticism of the Right for assuming that everyone on the left is automatically a believer in TOTAL public (communist) enterprise. Reducing politics in Saskatchewan down to a duality of:
Free enterprise VS Socialism is simlistic and idiotic.

Here is an example: Most cities have a bus system. Few city transit systems operate on a break even or profit basis. However, the benefit of public transit is such that most cities understand that subsidized transit is better than the alternative.

In the province of Saskatchewan, we have a public bus system, STC. STC came about because Greyhound did not want to operate other than along the Trans-Canada and the Yellowhead. Isolated rural communities did not have any option for public transit so STC was formed. Like most public transit, it is operated as a service and requries a subsidy.

Ideologically, the Sask Party does not like STC, yet at their peril would they ever kill it. Their own rural voting base still wants it, and the private sector will not step in because the profit is just not there.

What is wrong with some public enterprise?

Why don't you guys find something more news worthy like CMGR!!!! After all its not like you know what the word TORTURE really means or what STRANGLATION really feels like or what TASER burns feel like. Lets see some real action and less bullshit.

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