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Thursday, May 27, 2010 

Only An Idiot Would Praise Mexico For It's FAILED 'War On Drugs' - Enter Stephen Harper

"No matter how many die in Juarez, [Note: About 5,000 people have been slaughtered in Ciudad Juarez in 27 months. It is a destroyed city where 25 percent of the houses are abandoned and 40 percent of the businesses have closed.] no matter how low the pay in the American factories, the U.S. government insists the War on Drugs is being won and that NAFTA is a big success. [...]
More people die each day as the government of President Felipe Calderon uses the Mexican army and the federal police to try to get the illegal drug industry under control. Calderon was elected by a razor-thin margin and followed the custom of Mexican presidents by immediately making a show of force. But he badly underestimated the power of the drug industry.

The profits are estimated by many analysts to be between $30 billion and $50 billion a year, although it's notoriously difficult to track. But it is not a piddling sum in a country where oil is the official highest earner of foreign currency and supplies 40 percent of the federal budget. But the oil is running out. Calderon has publicly stated that the oil fields will be gone in 10 years or less."

CNN Editorial

"The struggle for public security is a battle that will take time, that will take money, and unfortunately, it will also require human lives, but it is a battle that must be undertaken … We, the people of Mexico, together, are going to win."

Mexico has seen an explosion of drug-related slayings in recent years stemming from Calderon's attempted crackdown on drug cartels, as well as rampant corruption within the country's police forces.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in turn, praised Calderon's "remarkable courage" in fighting drug cartels. The two leaders announced the signing of bilateral air service and youth mobility agreements, as well as additional funding from Canada to support Calderon's efforts to reform Mexico's justice system and combat the drug trade."


Did Harper specify which cartel our drug war aid was to go to or is he leaving that up to the discretion of the Mexican government?

Hopefully it hasn't been to the Juarez 'war' because that one is a disaster. The Mexican military and police are on the take from the cartels and drug lords. How in hell can any progress be made when the forces of the state are completely and utterly corrupt??

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