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Tuesday, June 01, 2010 

Brad Wall HATES 'Socialists' But LOVES 'Communist China'

Progressive Bloggers

Saskatchewan's Right wing premier, Brad Wall, is a textbook case of confused political ideology. Daily in the Saskatchewan Legislature, he and his ultra Right wing caucus slam the New Democratic Official Opposition as 'socialists'. They sputter and spew venom that would make Joe McCarthy happy.

"Socialist' this ... and 'socialist' that ... Wall never tires of this lame old invective. But what is this ...? Saskatchewan's 'unfettered free market' premier has a big 'heart on' over doing business with the People's Republic of China!

Having just joined in opening a trade office in the PRC Wall has gone on to praise the communist nation as if it is some long lost relative. Known for his dislike of Saskatchewan's crown corporations, Wall has suddenly developed a passion for Chinese crown corporations!

The point of this post is simple. Wall and his Caucus are using tired old Reform Party rhetoric and it is cheesy and sleazy. Spitting hatred at the NDP for being 'socialist' while at the same time signing deals with the People's Republic of China is childish, simplistic and frankly quite idiotic.

I realize that Mr. Wall has to deal with some extremely Right wing members of his caucus such as cabinet ministers Bill Boyd and Yogi Huyghebaert. Huyghebaert was in the military during most of his working life, taking pay cheques from the taxpayers .. yet he hates anything 'public' and simply wont' shut up with all of his 'socialist ... socialist' nonsense.

Wall should give himself and both of these red baiting, dinosaurs a little talking to. Now that Saskatchewan has decided to do business with 'communists' .. maybe the rhetoric will be toned down a notch or two.

But they are such cheezy & sleazy guys, aren't they? Generally speaking.

LOL ... thanks robin!

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