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Wednesday, June 02, 2010 

Brad Wall Moves To Privatize Delivery of Health Care In Saskatchewan

"If I have ten tax dollars to spend on health care, I want to spend $10 on health services, not 8 dollars for the actual health care and 2 dollars for someones profit margin."
Roy Romanow
Former Premier of Saskatchewan
Health Care Commissioner

No matter what Brad Wall says, the government of Saskatchewan is taking initial steps towards privatizing health care in the province. Proponents of privatized health care use carefully crafted rhetoric to try and demonize proponents of public health care ... but what they fail to explain is their determination to build private 'profit making' into the costs for health care.

These same proponents of 'unfettered free markets' are determined to force their ideology into Saskatchewan's public health care system one way or another.

Face it, we have a premier who has already ear marked hundreds of millions of tax dollars to build a new football stadium, but refuses to put money on the table to purchase whatever CT scanners are necessary to fix the patient backlog his government has created over the last 3 years.

It's all a question of priorities and the priority of the Saskatchewan Party is to advance their ideology of 'private over public'. Period.

-Saskatchewan Party Gov't Seeks Third Party Suppliers For Health Care

-CBC has more ...

Progressive Bloggers

The real enemy of our health care system is the insurance companies. Yes, private clinics hope to make profits, but that's nothing compared to the billions insurance companies would rake in providing the kind of group insurance that covers what our public system covers now.

This would cause a massive transfer of wealth from a majority of businesses, to the big Life co's, which are in very few hands. It would drive up costs making them less competitive.

Taxes would not go down one cent, but costs would go up -- for companies, and for individuals.

In the US, insurance companies drive the cost of health care up while denying benefits. You don't want to follow the road we took.

All medical lab testing, ie. blood samples, are done through a third party for profit, have been since the CCF days.

You totally and completely miss the point ... totally. That statement could be answer #43 in the Sask party manual of pat, smug and generally snarky answers.

Do you deny that the Saskatchewan Party PREFERS private enterprise to public in all areas and that it is their overall goal to at all times to work towards private health care?

"Do you deny that the Saskatchewan Party PREFERS private enterprise to public in all areas and that it is their overall goal to at all times to work towards private health care?"

Not only do I deny it, I don't think you believe it either.

Has the NDP taken it hard on this issue, or what? Lynda Haverstock ranted about how wrong she thinks the NDP is on this issue and now today even Murray Mandryk is condemning the NDP's stand. Wow. Albeit Mandryk is most upset that the NDP's stand will keep his beloved party from winning the next election, it is still extremely rare that Mandryk ever goes against his party's line on an issue.

I know the NDP will never do this, but they really have stop looking backwards on healthcare and start moving forwards because the only people buying their BS is the party faithful.

And the NDP seems to prefer public enterprise to private enterprize in all areas, despite the numerous and repeated failures of public enterprise in Alberta.

SaskOil, anyone?
And now... CT scans?

Trent, the new strategy that the Sask Party Caucus Office is using to try and portray Mandryk as a New Democrat is so funny as to border on the irrational! Your statment: "Albeit Mandryk is most upset that the NDP's stand will keep his beloved party from winning the next election" is beyond logic. As for Haverstock, she typifies the Right wing history of the Sask Liberal Party.

Mandryk savages your incompetent and arrogant Saskatchewan Party because they are incompetent and arrogant. You lack any level of credibility by trying to convince people that he must be a 'New Democrat' if he criticizes the Sask party. No, he criticizes the Sask Party because they are bloody terrible!

You may want to check that particular bit of rhetoric at the door.

It's clear that Mandryk's most recelt well-deserved barbs are not for the Saskatchewan Party, but for the NDP's stance on this very subject.

Which, as he correctly points out, is bloody terrible.

Patrick, because of a couple of recent articles where Mandryk quotes from the Provincial audtitor and slams the Sask Party, the brain trust of the Saskies has decided that they will now take the position (and trumpet it widely), that Mandryk is now an 'NDP' supporter.
What a load of crap. Proof of how spooked the Saskatchewan Party actually is at the moment. Trent is repeating their newly crafted line here on my blog.
No one actually believes that Mr. Mandryk is a New Democrat with a hate on the Saskatchewan Party. They continue to hurt themselves

I know a lot of people who are in the Saskatchewan Party. They're far from spooked.

LOL ... yeah the arrogant rank and file lose votes for Wall every day with the snarky Right wing nastiness they are so famous for! LOL. The guys who run the show are the ones that are spooked. If the NDP finds just a very few seats to take from Wall, the we can get rid of them for another 16 years!

Yeah... a lot of the people I know in the Sask Party are higher-ups.

They're not spooked. One bit.

Sorry to say.

They are putting on a brave face .. the 'higher ups' in the Sask Party that I know of are crapping their pants ... only the arrogant crew around Wall (you know who I mean) may be so deluded to think nothing is wrong .. but there is TROUBLE in the ranks. The Serge Leclerc thing hasn't even registered yet. Some other MLA from Saskatoon is stepping down because she is sick of the internal caucus crap.
LOL ... nice try


So many things to say, but I think I can sum it all up by pointing out that you haven't given any reason why a person should vote for the NDP, you only write about your hopes of the Sask Party's self destruction. That's not enough for victory when you're 30 points back with a leader that no one likes.

You are not the only NDP I know, believe it or not, but you are the only one who is so optimistic about the NDP's chances in the next election. Even my hardcore union friends feel defeated. One fellow, a fishing buddy of my father's, is so upset at Lingenfelter that he is refusing to vote in the next election. (I doubt he'll stick to that, but you get the point)

The NDP should be more concerned with getting a positive message in hopes of connecting with the people of Saskatchewan instead of resorting to character assassination of the most popular Premier in Saskatchewan history. Yes, Brad is even more popular than old Tommy, choke on that for a while.

Trent .. this very post and its tone demonstrates the nervousness of Saskatchewan Party supporters. If you were comfortable and secure in where you are, your post wouldn' have the reek of worry that it does.

AND .. ;) wink wink .. please read the words that you wrote here: "instead of resorting to character assassination of the most popular Premier in Saskatchewan history .." - NO ONE has dedicated more time and energy to character assassination than Sask Party supporters. You yourself have written a lot of things about Douglas here. Why .. because as a Right winger you can't stand the fact that he is still remembered. And if you really want to talk about character assassination, you comment on a site that goes to great length to attack the character of anyone who writes a letter to the editor with criticism of Wall and is absolutely outrageous in its character assassination attempts on Mr. Lingenferter.

... And just for the record ... Sask Party supporters were convinced that they would win the 1999 election with Elwin Hermanson to be premier. He even sold his farm and bought a big $$ townhouse in Regina. Wooops! You lost!

Then in 2003 .. NOW the Sask Party was going to win for sure .. how could they NOT beat Lorne Calvert. But once again ... WOOOOPS! The Sask Party LOST!

Going into 2007, a couple of things changed for the New Democrats, they they too knew that after 16 years in power, and winning 2 that they weren''t predicted to win (1999 & 2003), that a change would occur.

Meanwhile the brain trust (ha ha) of the Sask Party told everyone that they would reduce the New Democrats to single seats numbers in the House, guaranteeing at least 2 terms for Wall. Whooops! The New Dems won 20 seats!! That was NOT part of the Sask Party plan ....... and as demonstrated by your comment above .... nervousness quietly plagues the Saskatchewan Party.

It should. ;)

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