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Thursday, June 03, 2010 

Saskatchewan's Provincial Auditor Has More Examples Of Brad Wall's Financial Mismanagement

Ever since the Saskatchewan Party came to power in the fall of 2007, the province's official financial watchdog has found example after example of serious financial mismanagement. In a recent audit, the Provincial Auditor of Saskatchewan wrote:

"Because the government uses inappropriate accounting policies, the GRF financial statements (for 2008-09) report net debt and annual surplus inaccurately. If the government had accounted for all transactions properly, the statements would have recorded net debt of $8.07 billion instead of $3.85 billion on March 31, 2009, and recorded a surplus of $1.62 billion instead of $2.39 billion for the year ended March 31, 2009."

His most recent report again itemizes mismanagement of millions of dollars of taxpayers money.

Of note today in Saskatchewan is another example of questionable financial decision making by Brad Wall. A news release from the Office of the Official Opposition raises serious concerns about taxpayers money being used to solicit high profile candidates for the Saskatchewan Party in the next provincial election:

" ... the Wall government has confirmed that its hand-picked candidate in the constituency of Regina Northeast, Kevin Doherty, was paid more than $49,000 in moving expenses and offered a salary of $210,000 as a SaskPower executive to entice him to move back to Saskatchewan. Doherty was subsequently nominated and is running for the Sask Party in the next provincial election. The information was confirmed in the Wall government’s answers to written questions tabled in the final days of the recent legislative session. McCall said it is appalling that taxpayers and SaskPower customers are being forced to foot such an exorbitant moving expenses bill for Brad Wall’s longtime friend and former colleague in Grant Devine’s government."
Official Opposition News Release ...

The sound you just heard was my grandparents turning over in their graves (in the Fiske Cemetery). What has happened to Saskatchewan??

Leftdog, how do you feel about any SK government hiding deficit budgets by using "fiscal stabilization" funds to balance the books? Fiscal mismanagement didn't just start with Wall, but it sure got worse.

No one was a bigger critic of any kind of 'stabilalizaton' fund than Wall's crew ... and now they do nothing but dink around with the numbers. They deserve all the mockery they get for being hypocrites. They have also blown a huge chunk of the surplus that was left to them.

You are right .. there are a lot of very very arrogant Sask Party supporters strutting around unaware of how quickly they have begun to turn the average voter off. The spooked ones are the ones in the know. In this province, when you start making 'Billion dollar' budget mistakes .. you are operating at your peril with the voters.

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