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Friday, July 02, 2010 

Am I The Only One Who Insists That THIS Is NOT Canada??

This is NOT Canada ....

Don't get me wrong .. I am sure that she is a wonderful woman and makes a fine Queen of England. But not here. Not Canada. Not anymore.

Whatever measures are needed to terminate this archaic, idiotic, ineffective, ideological nonsense should be undertaken now.

In agreement.

This would be much better.


Only one problem. Actually, several, but one of them is a deal-killer.

A lot of the First Nations have treaties with the British Crown, not with Canada. Six of one and half a dozen of the other so long as the monarch is the formal head of state; an enormous can of worms if we become a republic. Do you really want to try renegotiating all those treaties? The First Nations would be perfectly within their rights to hold out for better terms this time.

With a myriad of other issues to deal with, republicanism in Canada is a blatant waste of time and energy. It is the epitome of the non-urgent problem. We can settle it some day after more pressing things are taken care of. And it's not as if republics were by their nature any freer or better run..... (nervous glance towards the south).

Finally, posting pictures where people look old and ugly to try to make a purely political point is a pretty cheap trick. Whatever else it is or is not, a monarchy is not a beauty contest. You, and I, would probably both boo at a right-wing blog that did something like that -- say, to make Al Gore look fat in a rant against the reality of global warming. I'm still booing if you cherry-pick a picture to make the Queen look ugly in a debate over political systems. You are self-indulging in the irrelevant, which really only weakens the argument (which theoretically is unanswerable; practice is another matter).

Sheer nonsense sunsin .... the Treaties can be transferred to Canada .. by the way if the treaties WERE with the British, why aren't THEY paying rather than Canadians. Your point is silly.

The myriad of other issues you mention that should be addressed first is illogical. It is because we close our eyes to this idiotic attachment with the British Royals that allows us to ignore other blatant realities. This attachment is symbolic of a national procrastination .. lance the boil!

You don't like the pic I used of the Royals because it makes them look old???? They ARE old! No picture I use can change that!

You' prefer a Republic with President Harper at the controls?

DON'T PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH DOUBLE NICKEL!! That is an idiotic knee jerk reactionary comment.

Yes we would need a 'Head of State' other than the PM but I would advocate that the position be elected .. and it doesn't necessarily need to called a 'President' ... smarten up!

Wow. Overreact much? You prefer a Republic, but offered no thoughts on how this would be achieved in your initial post. Of all the problems facing this country, changing our Head of State is pretty far down the list IMHO. I don't know how many Canadians are interested in reopening the Constitution any time soon. I'm guessing not many.

"You prefer a Republic, but offered no thoughts on how this would be achieved in your initial post."

I personally don't give a flying crap what you think, your attachment to the Monarchy is idiotic, archaic, simplistic and illogical. The fact that I didn't put a full 'solution' to ditching the Monarchy is a thin area to criticize me for.

The Monarchy in Canada should end now. The fact that a lot or Right wing Conservatives don't like it means sweet tweet. You can all move to England if you want monarch that bad.

I repeat what I said. Queen Elizabeth IS NOT Canada!

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