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Friday, July 30, 2010 

Conservative MP Rob Anders implicates colleagues in Chinese government hooker scheme

These may be the dumbest comments by a Member of Parliament in the history of Canada ...

-CBC has more .....

Kitty Kelley has a Canadian cousin!

Talk about playing coy and leaving us hanging in the air. If he had any courage, he'd name names and be the party's Samson pulling down the innards of the party.

In one fell swoop, he'd purge bad MPs and Harper and launch a new election.

I've always believed that he's had something over Harper for these many years and his years of being a professional heckler for Jim Inhofe was his training ground.

Too bad he doesn't follow through with this allegations; a relieved Canada would nearly make him a saint.

Here is Rob's logic:
-Middle aged, well dressed businessmen in suits (well MPs actually) go on trip
-After going out for dinner or drinks, the local 'ladies of the night' try to solicit some 'business'
-the Chinese government must be behind it!!!

Assuming Anders' claim that some 70% of Chinese agents' attempts to seduce unattractive Canadian male parliamentarians didn't come from some sketchy outfit like Statistics Canada, we can represent the Conservative position as follows:

(anecdote + hearsay) X stereotype X .70 = THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

Yeah I noticed his "70%" figure too. Wierd ... he said stats show that 70% of 60 year old balding bespecked overweight men will respond to the enticement of hookers?????

It is dumb for an MP to go on TV and make these allegations. However, what he is saying there is some truth to it. Chinese politicians may not be behind such offers but some businesses play such game. It can happen in "pious" North America. If you're an inspector for a big oil company, for example, efforts may be made to buy you out including providing ladies of the night - hotel room delivery available.

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