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Friday, July 30, 2010 

MP Rob Anders Has A Duty To Give Names Of Other MP's Who Are Under Influence Of A Foreign Government

Progressive Bloggers

"CALGARY — China’s influence over Western politicians runs deeper than controversial claims made by the head of Canada’s spy agency, Tory MP Rob Anders is alleging. In a recent interview with Epoch Times, an international newspaper founded by Falun Gong supporters, Mr. Anders suggested politicians and government officials from Canada and other countries are being wooed with extravagant gifts, beautiful young women and too-good-to-be-true business deals.
“The reach is deep, and it’s very unfortunate,” Mr. Anders told the newspaper. “I would argue that I’ve seen things happen on a federal level as well in our own government. And so I think there’s a lot more than he has even mentioned,” the Calgary MP added, referring to Canadian Security Intelligence Service director Richard Fadden.

“I think that Mr. Fadden only gingerly scratched the surface. I feel for him that he was dragged before an investigative committee with Parliament to have to explain, and I think that this situation is far worse that what he let on.”

National Post

If Conservative Member of Parliament, Rob Anders, has ANY facts or evidence, as he claims he does, that one of his colleagues or anyone in the Government of Canada is under the influence of a foreign administration, then he MUST make his claims public now as a matter of national security.

Who in your own government, Rob??

I'm also concerned about the the other worldly influence of Sky Fairies upon various evangelical MPs.

Mr Anders would you also announce which MPs are under the influence of fictitious and or Tran dimensional/otherworldly beings?

Can we pressure the conservatives to not sign Anders' nomination papers for the next election if he doesn't supply the information that he knows?

The sillier Anders becomes, the more I like him because he's writing his ticket out of the party.

Helena Guergis must be envious of him but that's par for the course since gender DOES matter to the conservatives, n'est-ce pas?

Rob Anders is a serial liar.

@Torontonian: Anders is one of Harper's protected. He won't go until Harper does - and a purge happens of all of his corrupt cronies.

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