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Thursday, August 05, 2010 

Canadian Economic Realities That Harper Is Too Bloody Stupid To Even Comprehend

"The Conservatives have proposed legislation that would introduce mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana producers. If passed, the legislation would result in spending billions in order to put more people in prison – the exact scenario that lead California into severe debt and towards legalisation. Even more stupefying, police in Montreal recently raided a "compassion centre" that legally distributes medicinal cannabis, and Conservative politicians have started calling for medicinal centres to be shut down across the country.

Meanwhile, the Liberal opposition, who when still in power tabled a decriminalisation bill, have rolled onto their bellies and supported Harper's crackdown on pot. It's a startling departure from the situation seven years ago, when Canada was a global leader in marijuana reform. Back then, there was the political will and the only obstacle to progress was the Bush administration.

But the only government worth blaming today is our own. What the world will get from Canada now is a demonstration of what to avoid – the spectacle of a nation intentionally sabotaging itself for reasons that don't even deserve to be labelled ideological. Looks like we might get that double dip after all."


-Majority of Canadians want government to decriminalize and tax marijuana ... but Harper will not look at any facts that are in variance with his ideology

Canada needs three things.

A new Prime Minister,

A strong and unified opposition,

A newspaper of the calibre of the Guardian.

Hands up, all those who agree.

The flawed, childish and simplistic ideology of Mr. Harper says this:

Marijuana is bad .. stop using it .. or we put you in jail.

This logic would be totally acceptable coming from an 11 year old pre-adolescent boy, but it completely ignores larger economic realities. Alcohol prohibition was a complete failure. So is marijuana prohibition. The 'war on drugs' is lost and criminal elements have control of the trade. Reality insists that the State intercede and find ways to control the use and trade in a manner that is acceptable to the majority of Canadians.

Meanwhile, we have a Prime Minister whose arrested emotional and intellectual development is at the level of an 11 year old. I have photos that prove it!

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