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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 

UPDATED: The Conservative Government Is Just Making Crap Up Now To Justify Their Misguided Ideology

Kady O'Malley catches Minister Stockwell Day simply making stuff up in today's news scrum:

"Leaving aside, for the moment, the minister's (doubtless unintentional) muddling of the waters on the decision to abolish the mandatory long-form census -- although it's probably worth pointing out that, despite the minister's comments, the maximum possible fine for refusing to fill it out is $1,000, not $10,000 -- it was his "concern" over an allegedly "alarming" increase in "unreported crime" that seemed to most perplex the attending press. Just what, Day was asked repeatedly, if politely, did he mean by the "unreported" crime rate? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?"

-The Globe & Mail also covered Minister Day's idiotic, contradictory news conference this morning:

"The Treasury Board President also faced questions about the Conservative government’s commitment to cutting the deficit while spending billions of dollars on new prisons while the crime rate is, in fact, declining. Mr. Day doesn’t buy the view that crime rates are declining. Rather, he maintains crime is going unreported in Canada at “alarming” rates.

“It shows we can’t take a Liberal view to crime which is, some would suggest, that it is barely happening at all,” Mr. Day said. “Still, there are too many situations of criminal activity that are alarming to our citizens and we intend to deal with that.” Reporters were left scratching their heads.
“I will follow up on that because I am baffled,” Sun Media’s Ottawa bureau chief David Akin said. “There is a statistic about unreported crimes? I mean if they are not reported by definition we have no idea about these crimes.
“You are just not making sense or I may be just a dolt and I don’t understand. Help me out on this one.” In response, Mr. Day made vague comments about bankcard theft, fraud, home invasions and identity theft. And he promised to send Mr. Akin some statistics.

We'll need those new prisons soon enough for all those offenders we convict of unreported crimes, eh?

Don't worry, this all makes perfect sense to anyone who believes in bibilical inerrancy!

Doesn't this sound like the old "bogeyman in the basement" that terrified young children?

It sure does to me.


“If I don’t like it, it should be against the law.

ps. The world is only 6000 years old.” - Stockwell Day

“Drooling Fuckwits RUs.com”

I think it’s still open. someone with a lot of time on their hands should play with this. :)


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