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Thursday, September 16, 2010 

Hey Ignatieff! - Time To Fix The Gun Registry NOW .. Not If Or When You Get A Majority!

Now that the carefully crafted Liberal strategy to box Jack Layton in over the gun Registry has failed, the heat is squarely on Ignatieff.

Firstly, he has declared that each and every Liberal MP will be in the House on the appropriate day to save the Long Gun Registry ... (we'll see). Anything short of a full vote by his full caucus will not be tolerated. Any Liberal abstentions will be duly noted and ridiculed by Progressives nationwide.

Secondly, Ignatieff has pledged that a 'newly elected Liberal government (at some supposed date in the future) will work tirelessly to 'fix' the Registry. Sorry Iggy, that simply doesn't cut it with Canadians.

Liberals have a moral obligation to work with the other Opposition parties and fix the flaws in the Registry during the current term of Parliament. Period.

Anything short of immediate action by the Liberal Caucus will not pass the smell test. It's time for Liberals to put their money (in this case, action) where their mouths have been since they started their attacks on Layton and the New Democrats!

-Liberals Promise They Will ALL Vote For The Registry

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-NDP’s Layton a leader in gun-registry debate

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