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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 

N.B. Lib Loss Of Government After Only One Term Should Be Sending Shock Waves Through Right Wing Saskatchewan Party

The defeat of New Brunswick's Liberal government after only one term in power should be sending some shock waves through the ranks of Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party government.

Sask Party supporters will tell you that there is no way they will be defeated after one term due to the large spread of support between them and the New Democrats.

Oh really? ... Let's take a look at a couple of key facts.

First, in the last Saskatchewan election, held in the fall of 2007, the New Democrats won 20 seats compared to the Sask Party's 38. Sounds like an impressive Sask Party victory at first glance but if you look at the riding by riding results you will note that had the New Dems received another 1066 strategic votes spread over 7 constituencies, the final seat count would have been NDP 27 - Sask Party 31. (PA Carleton 28 votes - MJ North 31 votes - Meadow Lk 17 votes - Regina South 253 votes - Saskatoon Sutherland 270 votes - Saskatoon Greystone 268 votes - Regina Qu'appelle Valley 199 votes)

That means that after 16 years in power, if the NDP had received a further 1066 strategic votes, they were only 3 seats away from winning a fifth term in office.

This should dispel the Saskatchewan Party myth that the gap between the NDP and the Sask Party is so wide, Wall is almost guaranteed a second term in power after the 2011 election.


Second, Wall's broken promises and unfulfilled expectations are starting to add up. The current agricultural disaster has yet to bite the Sask Party in the butt ... just wait! It is anticipated that the record wet summer will take over $3 Billion from the pockets of farmers. Wall's remedy will bring only a couple of hundred million to fill the gap.

Wall has also been making some huge budgetary mistakes and is probably going to have to lower public expectations for the remainder of his term.

Those who hover around Premier Wall, should be feeling nervous.

-'What Do They Want - Highways Or Health Care?' - Saskatchewan Party Gov't House Leader

-Is Brad Wall's Saskatchewan Party Trying To Make Off With Millions From The Old Progressive Conservative Trust Fund??

-Sask Premier Wall Sure Picked A Bad Time To Abandon $800 Million in Equalization Payments From Ottawa

-When Brad Wall Tells You That He Has No Money For Floods, etc - Ask Him Why He Abandoned $800 Million Equalization Dollars From Ottawa

Progressive Bloggers

I think the NB result should be sending shock waves through the LPC. After all it was the Liberal party that got wiped!

Could be .. my point relates to 'provincial' politics and how it is more than possible for a new provincial gov't to be turfed after only one term.

I have a bit more difficulty with your point in that you seem to equate the fortunes of a provincial Lib party iwith the federal Libs.

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