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Thursday, September 23, 2010 

Why Won't The Canadian MSM Show How UN Delegates Boycotted Harper's Address?

TOP PHOTO: Stephen Harper addressing the United Nations General Assembly today:
BOTTOM PHOTO: Swiss President Doris Leuthard addressing the UN:

The Star

When Canada's Prime Minister, $tephen Harper addressed the UN General Assembly today, there was barely a delegate in the room. The world is NOT listening to $tephen Harper. Bush is gone ... Harper should be gone too.

So much for Harper's rhetoric about making Canada a world player!

Like any good Brownshirt, Harper likes the sound of his own voice.

Betting he was oblivious to the fact that nobody was there. He'd probably talk to a telephone pole if he thought it would listen.

Great post BuckDog. Great photos via the Star. We have turned into the assholes of the world. This is why I rant and rave at Lloyd every night when I give him fifteen minutes before I change the channel. They never report anything.

Imagine getting the honor of going before the UN and supposedly scolding them, your fellow members for not pledging enough funds for maternal & child healthcare. something you trump as your big deal, when your own government has not even met 50% of the amount you personally pledged.

This man is a disgrace. I am so pissed. I might even start getting up earlier in the morning to blog & rant again.

Thank you for doing so.

The pictures will become more noticed and relevant if Canada loses the vote.. and more importantly if it loses the vote very early on.

You know I can't even get too upset at Harper for this one. Given the example we've shown the world these past several years I don't think we deserve a seat on the UN Security Council. I'm all bitched out about the man though. I'm more in mourning for the Canada that used to be, peacekeepers, peacemakers, arbitrators for consensus, generous, progressive, and genuinely concerned about making the world a better place. We're a nation of idealists and iconoclasts, and we were THAT close to modernizing our outdated and unjustifiable marijuana laws.

We're still all those things but we've become muddled in Parliamentary gridlock. We all know Harper has to go, but who will replace him? Not Liberals again! Please, not them. *shudder*

I've knocked on doors, given rides to the polls, worked as inside and outside scrutineer, starting with Saskatoon Mayfair candidate Dave Whalley in 1982 right up to Nettie Wiebe's second attempt two years ago. I was privileged to sign my name on the nominating papers for Bob MItchell in 1986 when I lived in Saskatoon Fairhaven, I've sold raffle tickets, worked at BBQ's, made donations, I've worked all my life to advance the New Democrats and yet we never seem to move ahead. It's depressing to think that a Liberal will probably be living in 24 Sussex *if* Steve can be finally shoved out the door next time around.

How do we escape this mediocrity we've created for ourselves? I want my Canada back! I want us to resume building that just society again.

For this reason, for example the CBC News just now: Nobody attended Harper's UN speech because prior speeches ran long and he was last speaker. Called it 'bad luck'.


Scott .. agreed! I think that the lack of audience is early indication that Canada will not be sitting at the Security Council table.

Well, my friend, I thank you for this. I expect the absentees were flooding the streets of New York searching for a Tim Horton's.

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