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Thursday, November 11, 2010 

Would Someone Explain Why 'Remembrance Day - November 11th' Is NOT A Statutory Holiday In Ontario - Quebec - Manitoba and Newfoundland ?

For all the hype that we hear about Canadians fighting in Afghanistan as well as our role in WW1,WW2 and Korea, can someone explain why 4 Canadian provinces do not recognize Remembrance Day as a statutory holiday??

For example .. the Toronto Stock Exchange is operating today as if it is an ordinary business day.

Just asking ....

I don't know the actual reasoning, but I've heard many who are happy it isn't as students are in classes to learn about it.

As Adam M. said, the Legion in Ontario recently came out against a private members bill to make Remembrance Day a statutory holiday because it was felt that it would be better for the kids to be in school on Nov. 11 to learn about the history behind Remembrance Day and attend ceremonies than to have them at home or at the mall.

I like Adam M's response.

I also wonder what giving a day off really achieves. Guaranteed it would bad news for small business.

I would rather see them take say, a percentage of lottery revenue on Nov. 11 and put it towards veterans.

The Legion in Ontario is off its rocker! We, in SK, have had Nov. 11 as a stat for as long as I can remember and I'm getting dangerously close to 50. To suggest that we didn't learn about it or participate in services recognizing it is ludicrous, at best!

As part of our English Composition classes, we wrote poetry and stories for the Legion's annual writing contest. We always had a school assembly in the gym before Nov 11 and reps from each class and various community orgs laid wreaths. We discussed war and peace in our current events time. And, we could also go to the "official" ceremony on Nov. 11.

Oh yes, we learned about it and so have my kids. I was just in Ottawa, spending time with my daughter, now an adult. She wore a poppy on her lapel, btw. I did not.

I agree with Regina Mom completely.. It boggles my mind that Remembrance Day-Nov 11th is NOT a statutory holiday in every single province and territory in Canada! It is so typical of a double standard that is pretty evident in our nation right now. Lots of 'rah rah' for war ... but a woeful ignoring of our veterans. These 4 provinces have a callous disregard for those Canadians who served and died.

Most things are closed in Manitoba on Remembrance Day. The legislation closes retail stores from 9 to 1.

In essence, the day is off.

I think there is confusion between statutory holidays, civic holidays, etc.

For example, for federal workers, Easter Monday is a stat day. For everyone else, it isn't.

In Manitoba, Remembrance and Boxing Day are considered optional holidays. In reality, most things are closed by law.

It could be worse. In the US Veteran's Day is not a stat holiday, but in fact it's a day dedicated to "Happy Veteran's Day" sales.

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