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Monday, March 28, 2011 

Layton In Regina - Conservative MP's Are Harper's Messengers To Saskatchwan NOT The Voter's Messengers To Ottawa!

There was a pretty good crowd out at 9 am on a Monday morning for Jack Layton in Regina:

"NDP leader Jack Layton brought his election campaign to Saskatchewan on Monday, telling people that the only way to get rid of the Conservatives is to vote New Democrat.

Speaking to about 100 party supporters in Regina, Layton was the first party leader to make a campaign stop in Saskatchewan.

"Here we are in the province where the first [Co-operative Commonwealth Federation]-NDP government was elected," Layton said, "They used to say to Tommy Douglas, 'There isn't a hope that the CCF, your party, will ever be elected.'"

No federal New Democrats have been elected in Saskatchewan since the 2000 election, when Lorne Nystrom and Dick Proctor won Regina-area seats. In subsequent elections, it's been 13 Conservatives and one Liberal.

However, the party has high hopes to make a comeback, and Layton noted that in the last election, New Democrats came in second in most of Saskatchewan's ridings.

Voting NDP is the only way to defeat Conservatives and sends a message that "Saskatchewan will no longer be taken for granted," he said.

Layton also talked about housing, hiring more doctors and putting families first.

He accused the Harper Conservatives of turning their backs on Saskatchewan people dealing with last year's floods.

"You remember when they threatened to turn off the stimulus spending for flooded-out communities?" Layton asked."

CBC News

More importantly "Layton has issued a challenge to Conservative leader Stephen Harper asking him to promise that two senators up on charges of election fraud will not be campaigning for the Conservatives."

The NDP leader used the scandal to go after the senate – the upper legislative body his party has long demanded be abolished – describing it as stuffed with Conservative party bagmen, failed candidates and friends earning salaries funded by taxpayers.

See: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/politics/article/962890--layton-issues-challenge-to-harper?bn=1

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