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Friday, March 25, 2011 

What Did Canada Ever Do To Deserve The Likes Of Stephen Harper?

Canadians are nice people. We work hard. We care about our neighbors both at home and abroad. A wonderful country made up of unique and distinct regions, cultures and peoples. Our citizens have roots in ever nation on the planet. We have fought in wars when the world was threatened and we have worked to ensure peace in volatile hot spots.

Yet a complacency crept into the nation and things were taken for granted.

A quiet, dark worldview was festering beneath the surface. A whiny, snarky, angry selfcenterdness emerged from some corners of the nation. It germinated and manifested itself in the vile policies of the old Reform Party that was filled with so much anger and nastiness. From this vile movement sprang the political career of Stephen Harper. He is a spiteful, crafty and devious character. His complete lack of political civility and community ethics is stunning to behold.

He argued for Canada to join in George Bush's invasion of Iraq. He finally managed to get Canada bogged down (as many of his critics predicted would happen) in Afghanistan. Now we are bombing Libya.

Stephen Harper is a blight upon the nation. The sooner that he is relegated to the historic 'past' of this nation, the safer we all will be.

Stephen Harper has been prime minster far longer than he deserves. He has been prime minster far longer than Canada deserves.

What did we do to deserve Harper?

A good number of us failed to follow the news and learn to think critically so that we could learn to read through the lines of spin and come to proper conclusions and answers to the nation's problems.

A good number of us failed to vote in the last few elections. The logic being that one vote less won't amount to much one way or the other.

Buckdog, if enough of us applied ourselves to politics like we do to hockey, skiing or curling in the winter and other health pursuits the rest of the year, then we wouldn't have had this unmitigated mess of the last 5 and something years!

Let's put"paid" to this whole sorry episode of Conservative administrative fiat.

Now I feel better.

And I hope Canadians feel better this time round when they break the habit of complacency and laziness.

This is going to be a 'make it or break it' election. If Harper should win a majority, we will not even recognize this nation in a couple of years. Thanks for your thoughts.

While we like to think we're better than average humans, to be honest we're just average, living in a better than average location on Earth. Having Harper as a leader is an indicator that our political system is far from perfect, and needs better checks in place so we don't end up with a leader the majority doesn't feel they deserve (to have hanging over them).

Sadly, a certain percentage of Canadians, (or any nationality) are not "nice people" as you say. They are selfish, angry, bigoted, and power-hungry. Bertrand Russell, in his work on power, talks about the ways in which average people are driven to express their own evil through their support of abusive, power-hungry leaders. It seems to me that this is what we are seeing here in Canada and that is why guys like Harper and Baird maintain a certain degree of support. The only part of Harper's strategy that has been at all clever is the idea of alienating enough people from politics and keeping just enough of core support to keep power. Divide and conquer, pretty basic strategy that works because just enough people share his evil hatred of humanity and the good society.

One, our first past the post system, combined with a gutless opposition that has absolutely nothing to offer.

Our first past the post system combined with an opposition bereft of guts or vision and nothing whatever to offer.

A lot happens when people aren't paying attention.

Its like some sort of Richard Nixon all pumped to go the polls as the impeachment hearings are in full swing. I just can't comprehend what's going on here..

I'm guessing that it's just pure arrogance. Simply blinded by his own agenda for a majority.

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