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Monday, April 11, 2011 

Conservatives Caught - Apologize To Auditor General For Using Her 2004 Quote As Comment On G8/G20 - What are you guys doing??

"It has recently come to my attention that I have been quoted in the Committee's 11 th Report, Effectiveness, Management and Operation of 1h Expenses Incurred the for the GEIG20 Summits, that was presented to the House on March 25 , 2011. The quote Is included in the Supplementary Opinion to the Report it appears to have been retrieved from an interview with the CSC In 2010, that refers to the findings of our March 2004 report on national security spending following the September 2001 attacks on the United States. Therefore, the comments attributed to me in the Report are completely unrelated to G81G20 spending. I did not appear as a witness before your committee on this subject. Furthermore, I do not comment on audit findings until the related report has been tabled in Parliament. We had planned to table our audit on the G8/G20 expenditures this month, but cannot do so due to the election. We hope to present that report shortly after Parliament resumes, in June. I would appreciate it if the Report could be modified as it is clearly erroneous. Yours sincerely,
Sheila Fraser
Auditor General Of Canada"

-Auditor General's Letter To Harper Government

-CBC News: Tories used praise for Liberals to defend summit costs: Fraser

Day apologizes, says 'proper quote' will be added to Tory dissent report

Christ!! what next from these jokers

LOL .. well ... there is THIS ... (Carson's Escort girlfriend was at a party with Harper and his wife at 24 Sussex Drive (before she was deported from Canada). LOL

OOps .. I mean she was deported TO Canada from the USA for running an escort agency in North Carolina.

This could be a daytime soap opera, I just realized!!

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