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Saturday, April 23, 2011 

NDP Surging In Regina !! - Prairie Dog / Dog Blog

The following post appeared in the Dog Blog - of the Prairie Dog Magazine, published in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

NDPs Surging In Regina
by Paul Dechene

I’ve been watching the polls for Saskatchewan kind of obsessively and have been depressed a lot as a result. The Conservatives have been so far out in front I’ve been assuming that Harper would walk away with a bunch of wins here — despite all the ranting and raving we’ve been doing in the p-dog of late.

Well, I’m pleased to discover that some recent polling is more optimistic (if you’re one of those people who’d like to see Harper lose some support around these parts). Seems the NDP surge that people are talking about in Quebec and BC is happening here too. Have a look at these charts that I’ve lifted off projectdemocracy.ca.

First, here are the projections for my riding, Palliser
This is a roll-up of an Ekos poll from April 21 and a Nanos poll from April 22. Just a few days ago, Nanos had Ray Boughen slaughtering the NDP’s Noah Evanchuk. Now, the NDP have a slim lead.

Now, here’s how things look in Regina – Qu’appelle:
Again, this is a roll up of an Ekos poll from the 21st and a Nanos poll from the 22nd. And again, a few days ago it really didn’t look like NDP candidate and city councillor Fred Clipsham had a chance. Now, he’s neck-and-neck with Con golden-boy, Andrew Scheer.

As for Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre, have a look. (Again, a rollup from the same Ekos and Nanos polls as above.):
NDP candidate Brian Sklar still has some ground to make up on self-described fucking old and fucking-A Conservative candidate Tom Lukiwski. But based on these numbers, it’s entirely possible that he could come from behind and take the seat.

... continues at Dog Blog ....

I marked my X strategically in an advance poll yesterday, opting for a strong local Lib candidate, but I won't be upset seeing the NDP increasing its representation in the house...so long as it doesn't come at the expense of a Harper majority.

Best to be cautious. The EKOS poll only had a sample of 122 for the 2 provinces combined

Hi Penny ... just curious ... are you working on a campaign? I'll tell you why. A short while a go, you posted here a talking point (word for word) that Harper started using this afternoon. We are all aware that there is a Conservative blog sweatshop where there is an ongoing attempt to post rebuttal to posts and comments that are not Harper friendly. Just asking!

Thanks for the repost, Leftdog!

No prob. Your post here is getting lots and lots of hits nationally. Thanks again!

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