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Friday, April 29, 2011 

Stephen Harper And His Flunkies Will Say Anything And Do Anything To Hold Onto Power - Think Democracy Is Safe In Canada?

'Unnamed' sources have come forward to slander Jack Layton in a bid to assassinate his character prior to Monday's Federal Election.

In a bid of sheer desperation, the Conservative War Room, in conjunction with Sun News and anonymous Toronto City Police officers are trying to ensure that Jack Layton does not win the election.

If we had a Reichstag, it would be burning, right now!

Scum. Pure scum.

-Layton Smeared - CBC News

Olivia's reply is great, and Brian Iller is a good lawyer.

Every sentence in reply to this should contain the words "smear" "desperate" "pathetic" "conservatives have no principles" and so on.

Note to Conservative Trolls:
Go post somewhere else!


I wondered what they would dig up to smear him in the last days. Classic conservative strategy, and it will probably work.

This is the same party that was okay with phony pics of Mr. Ignatieff? So many questions about the Layton smear strategy. Like why would a retired TO cop still have note books from confidential investigations? That's a big no no. Leaking of police materials means nothing to conservatives.

This is not going to work. For one thing, it's too late and too obvious.

Harper's been destroyed by his tendency to pretend that he's in the United States. He thought that all he needed to do was to destroy the "other party" and that would be the end of it. Well... here there was an "other other" party ready to take over the mantle of his most effective critics. And Layton is no Nader.

This crap is going to make for some fun investigations after the election though. Nail, meet coffin.

A show of hands please, how many people have had a message with their cloths on?

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