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Saturday, April 30, 2011 

Stephen Harper Unscripted - The Puppet Master At Work - 'You have never seen him like this before ....'

Progressive Bloggers

In this video we finally get a glimpse of the real Stephen Harper without scripts, props and all the other window dressing that his entourage and the MSM uses to make him look good.

There was nothing there. I was expecting a Bill O'Reilly flame-out and he seemed like a decent guy.

I know he isn't, but that's the impression your video gave me.

My point in posting is simple. The guy is completely scripted. Each word is measured to craft a tightly controlled message. There isn't one thing he says that isn't geared to his overall goal of appearing reasonable with an unreasonable agenda.

Even today, when asked if he would respect Canada's law concerning formation of government, he couldn't answer.

Most PM's are able to put the carefully crafted script away and just talk to the people. Trudeau did it, Mulroney did it, Chretien did it .. not Harper.

Sorry I disappointed you. I still consider him a complete phony.

He's not doing a home movie. He's doing a tv commercial, which is a very limited piece of time in which you are trying to get a very specific message out.

One you're spending thousands of dollars filming, and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to put on television.

Of course it's scripted.

No argument .. but again, you are missing my point.

The CPC and Harper run such a regimented and controlling operation, how did anyone involved with his communications EVEN DREAM of smuggling these out takes from wherever for the public to see.

We NEVER get to see him without a script. That's the point. 'You have never seen him like this before' ..

Yeah I have to agree with Thwap - all this does is humanize him. All campaign commercials are scripted and this doesn't really show anything except a relaxed looking guy doing a scripted commercial in a few different takes. Nothing to see here.

Are you all men? Ask a woman to look at that and how she feels about the creepy twice-over he gives the "interviewer."

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