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Tuesday, April 19, 2011 

The Woman Whose Name Stephen Harper Will Not Say ....

"It wasn't enough for Stephen Harper to dismiss her from cabinet and expel her from caucus. Or to banish her from the party, deny her the nomination of her riding, and, perhaps, take away her seat.

No, that wasn't humiliation enough. There would be one more blow upon a bruise.

Now she is nameless. The thriceelected honourable member from Simcoe-Grey -who was made a minister and positioned prominently in the House of Commons to put her youth, sex and glamour on television every day -is officially a nobody.

"There were, as you know, a variety of political problems around this individual," Harper explains. "They have been discussed among members of our caucus. There is simply no desire to see the return of this individual to caucus."

These problems. These members. This individual.

So, the excommunication of Helena Guergis from the Church of Power is complete. One dares not speak her name. She doesn't exist. She is a non-person." ...

more in the Ottawa Citizen

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

But she remains loyal to the Cons. Is it brainwashing, simple mindedness or a stubborn clinging to ideology. It can't be loyalty. Not after what she has gone through.

You can be sure that lots and lots of Conservatives simply hate what Harper is doing here. Yet they remain publicly silent, speaking only in hushed whispers amongst themselves. United in their fear of authority and willingness to silently witness an injustice. These are the seeds of a proto-fascist population. They have been sufficiently programed to quietly endure voluntary submission to a feared authority.

In my mind, this conspiracy of voluntary submission is the beginning of the end of democracy in Canada. The Helena Guergis case demonstrates this like nothing else.

Because Stephen Harper does not like her anymore, she deserves to be treated badly and there should be neither justice nor fairness for her.

Welcome to Canada 2011.

Where once he couldn't pronounce it, now he won't say it.

Damnatio memoriae, anyone? Yet another friendly reminder of the 'empire' Emperor Harper seems to be trying to build...

Too funny! He's strikes me as the kind of guy who is as vain as the King in the fable. Nice!

Harper's regime reminds me more and more of the Gordon Campbell government in BC - one based on the hijacking of another party and assuming its name, and led by the same kind of control-freak bully through fear and intimidation.

There is hope, though - Campbell had to step down over the HST, and Harper's arrogance will be his own downfall as well. Let it be soon.

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