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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 

Is Your Hissy Fit Over Yet?

My comment is NOT directed at the vast majority of Liberal bloggers. Most of the Lib blogs I read dealt with the results of Monday's election results with a mature, measured and reasonable response. Scott Tribe has had some great post election posts.

However, and unfortunately, certain Liberal bloggers reacted in a manner that seemed to require medical or psychological attention. On a different site I called it 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' ... and that was an understatement.

Is your Hissy fit over yet? If so, let's get down to the work that needs to be done to respond effectively to the Harper strategy to change the nation. If your hissy fit isn't done yet, well, hurry up and get it out of your system. Progressives have work to do.

In answer to your question:

Although I am seriously trying to curb my inner hissiness, I do not yet think that I am hissied out yet,

Even the let's roll up our sleeves and get down to work posts are starting to piss me off.

Just speaking for myself.

I was particularly shocked by one cited lib bloggers use of rhetoric like 'swine' and 'vermin'. Godwin's Law doesn't apply if you're actually using eliminationist style rhetoric right out of hateful propaganda history.

Word, dog.

I've been gobsmacked by the vitriol coming from people I've had respect for ... until now.

Do you think that the anger is fueled by arrogance or entitlement ... something like that?


Arrogant entitlement is the signature motif of the impression the Canadian people have of the Liberal Party yes.

They can whine that it was Tory attack ads that tainted their brand all they want, but that very argument betrays a contempt for a public they view as easily led 'beer and popcorn' swilling fools who are easily distracted by shiny objects.

Until they acknowledge and eliminate the unambiguous aura of contempt they have for the voters they will wander the wilderness.

I'm taking my ball and going home. Hmmph. Wait? You have more balls and don't need mine? Don't care. Going home to sulk until you promise to play nice. You don't promise anything? Well, I'm not playing until I get over my butthurt.

Sound about right?

p.s. I'm still mad. I'm just mostly shutting up about it.

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