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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 

UPDATED: Tory Journalist Jane Taber Says Conservatives Miffed That Ignatieff Did Not Phone Congrats To Harper!

After the disgraceful personal attacks on Mr. Ignateff, can you believe this? Tory leaning Jane Taber tells us that Conservatives think Mr. Ignatieff should have phoned congratulations to Harper on his election win. Screw that Jane!!

"So much for bonhomie in Canadian politics. Despite the huge Conservative win Monday night, there are Tories who are miffed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff did not even bother to call Stephen Harper to congratulate him on his victory."
Jane Taber
The Globe & Mail

OMG .. Iggy called Harper
to congratulate. Jane Taber is relieved! "Thank goodness this has been resolved."


Missing Conservative MP STILL Missing!!


I still cannot fathom how a 12 seat majority is a "huge" win. Harper still got a considerably smaller percentage of the vote than Hitler or Nixon.

So, the Conservatives are complaining about Michael Ignatieff not showing them enough "bonhomie"? The mind boggles.

Anyway, wasn't he busy resigning? He's not the leader any more so it's not his problem.

Meanwhile the Disaffected Lib and Eugene Forsey Liberal are still frothing at the mouth and attacking New Democrats as the cause of their electoral misfortunes. (Oh and just for the record, Eugene Forsey eventually LEFT the Liberal Party) ... that is one of the weirdest blogs on Prog Blogs. Oh well, it takes all kinds to make a world.

Iggy resigned to move onto the next item on his bucket list. Headed up an irrelevant dying political party - check. Why would he care now what the Liberals do? And why does old crazy eyes care about this anyway?

Four words I never thought I'd see in print: Tory Journalist Jane Taber.

Honestly, we thought she was one of yours along with Craig Owliver, 'Barney' Fife and Roger Smith.

.... "We thought" ... oh, did you? I hope the 'we' that you are part of have a nice day!

On what planet is Jane Taber considered a Tory? Her anti-Conservative/pro-liberal bias has been fuel for the Conservative blogs for years.

My gawd you Conservatives are sure thick skulled - not much gets in there!

Look .. the LIBERAL Party of Canada is toast. Period. The death certificate is yet to be signed but they are done.

NOW... those who still call themselves 'Liberal's will have to choose whether they are 'progressive' and should find a new home in the New Democratic Party OR they must face facts that their Right Wing ideology suits them better in the Conservative Party.

It was Blue Liberals who gave Harper his majority.

Jane Taber is NOT a progressive. Period. Her disgust for the NDP is so obvious .. with the Libs near death, she will be more comfortable with you Right wing yahoos.

See, I suspect that you are so far to the Right, that to you almost everyone (including Taber) is a Lefty. Trust me, Ms. Taber has already shown that her comfort zone will be with the Cons.

Have a nice day .. Righty! ;)

Call us when you get your house in order Libby.


Call it what you want, but Taber has shown nothing but blind hatred for Harper and the CPC. She may not be as far left as the NDP, but to call her a Tory is deliberately dishonest.

She absolutely hates the NDP!

We are seeing a hint of the turmoil that is going to exist with the ultimate death of the LPC. There is going to be a lot lost Liberals wandering around unsure whether to turn right or left.

Kind of funny actually.

So - you don't like her but you may well have to live with her because she will never support New Dems. Ever.

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