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Monday, May 02, 2011 

What NO ONE Is Saying - The Bloc Quebecois Is Dead ....And Who Exactly Killed Them Off? UPDATE: Gilles Duceppe resigns as Leader of the Bloc Quebecois!!!

Well it wasn't Conservatives and it wasn't Liberals!!! ... and over the other assorted wailing that is afflicting Prog Blogs tonite, the Bloc Quebecois has been reduced to 4 seats and it was New Democrats, not Conservatives nor Liberals who did that.

Jack Layton has done what Mulroney - Chretien - Martin - Harper could not achieve.

Vive Quebec! Vive Canada

PS: Gilles Duceppe lost his seat to the NDP

Progressive Bloggers

Gilles Duceppe resigns as Leader of the Bloc Quebecois!!!

I'm just guessing here but my hunch is that the same bunch that killed off the BQ is the bunch that delivered Harper his majority on a platter. Actually, truth be told, I'm not really guessing.

I will tolerate your lashing out because Liberals will need time to lick their wounds .. BUT LET ME JUST SAY that the 2,311,270 Canadians who voted Liberal SHOULD HAVE JOINED the 3,804,022 Canadians who voted New Democrat to beat the 4,889,118 people who voted for Harper.
Heal, recover and then let's get back to dealing with Herper. The Bloc is dead - acknowledge this moment in Canadian history for gawds sake!!

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the people who voted for the NDP made the changes in Quebec. And wouldn't it be a good idea that the official opposition party now has the chance to spend the next four years using this trust that the voters in Quebec have given them along with many in the rest of Canada to prepare and become the next government of this country. I think that was a question - but the Conservative majority government is good news because it will provide an education for those who need it. Most of the time Canadians vote governments out of office because they cannot stand them any longer. In the past there was usually only the other bunch playing at whatever rôle they had as liberal or conservatives. Now the electorate will have the chance, four years from now, to vote a government out while at the same time voting a government in. Been waiting for over 40 years for a chance to have an federal NDP government.

You will "tolerate" my views? Yeah, sure, Comrade.

Sniveling and whining because your Liberal arrogance simply can't comprehend that YOU gave Harper his majority. I repeat ... piss off...

Leftdog, what we see here is the Liberal sense of unearned entitlement. We shall see much of the pretendy progressive blogosphere condemn Jack layton and the New Democrats for daring to run for office, for failing to roll over and give the Liberal Party a free pass - to pretend at being progressive.

Frankly, if a Conservative majority is the price we must pay to see the Liberal Party stone dead, it may be worth paying.

And I apologize to all those Liberals who did vote New Democrat to try and defeat Harper. But to those who are lashing out, I should have more patience but I won't be slurred by those Right Wing Liberals WHO SHOULD BE CONSERVATIVES ANYWAY! "Comrade" ... moron!

Good for you .. but then you came here lashing out at me because of some perceived grievance from the Martin era (whatever) .. then you added the label 'Comrade' to me, intending it to be a slur that I am a communist because I am New Dem. I told you to 'piss off' (and that still stands) but you have told me to 'FUCK off' 2 times now, on my own blog but I am still trying to be tolerant towards your lashing out because I understand that many Liberals are feeling a lot of loss tonight.

So ...

Have a nice life.

Eventually regardless of how things merge or fragment, progressives are going to need some seats between Thunder Bay and Vancouver.

Do you guys think there should be a two party system with the Conservatives representing the right and the NDP representing the left?

Last night's election map looked like an old school Canadian election result: the left-progressive vote taking Quebec, Conservatives taking the West with the swing ridings in battleground Ontario.

Perhaps the Liberal party can't be saved. Let the blue Liberals (the Manley-McKenna wing) become Conservatives and the social progressives become NDP.

I actually hope the Liberals recover somewhat and move right. Not happy about the thought of a two party system at all. Look how well that's worked for the USians.
Proportional representation would be nice.

Now watch Harper do everything possible to piss off Quebec to revive the BQ. If he rips the country apart in the process, do you think that he cares? There are no tar sands in Quebec.

So 28% of Canadians didn't vote in the last election, then they complain about a Harper majority and how we need "parliamentary reform," etc.

If we want people to get out and vote, then let's follow Australia's example and start fining people who can vote but don't vote - regardless of their reasons.

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