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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 

New Democrats Have A Broad Field Of Candidates To Consider For Leader

"The shoes are really big to fill."
Nycole Turmel
Acting Leader of the
New Democratic Party of Canada

I didn't want to do this post now ... I'd rather have waited until after Jack Layton's funeral on Saturday. However, in politics, if you don't define yourself, your opponents will do it for you.

With this in mind I wanted to point out the wealth of potential leadership that resides in Canada's New Democratic ranks.

The following list is in alphabetical order, not in any other intended ranking:

Robert Chisholm - Dartmouth--Cole Harbour
Robert is a former Leader of the Nova Scotia NDP and served as Leader of the Official Opposition in that province. During his watch, he took the provincial party from an obscure third place to almost forming government. The Dexter NDP government exists because of the work done by Chisholm.

Libby Davies - Vancouver East
Davies serves as Deputy Leader of the Party with Thomas Mulcair. She has been an MP since 2007. Born in England she came to Canada in 1968. She was elected to Vancouver City Council and has served as a community activist in a number of areas.

Paul Dewar - Ottawa Centre
Paul represents an Ottawa riding and is fairly well known to Canadians by his work as an MP in the House of Commons. He was an educator before being elected and is the son of a former Mayor of Ottawa.

Pat Martin - Winnipeg Centre
Martin has been an MP since 1997. His 'take no prisoners' style has endeared him to those who have little tolerance for Liberals or Conservatives in the House of Commons. A Journeyman carpenter by trade, he has served on the Manitoba Building Trades Council.

Thomas Mulcair - Outremont
Mulcair is a former Member of the National Assembly of Quebec. He is one of the Deputy Leaders of the NDP and serves as Opposition House Leader for the Caucus. Before becoming a politician, Mulcair acted as a lawyer in Quebec's Ministry of Justice.

Peggy Nash - Parkdale--High Park
Nash defeated Liberal Gerard Kennedy to hold her seat and serves as the Opposition Finance Critic in the House. She worked with the Canadian Airline Employees Association and later with the Canadian Auto Workers after the unions merged.

Brian Topp - President of the New Democratic Party of Canada
Topp is from Montreal and was elected party president earlier this year. He has served as a senior adviser to Saskatchewan's Premier Romanow and is employed by ACTRA. He is a brilliant political strategist and served as an adviser to Jack Layton until the end.

New Democrats and Canadians in general are mourning the loss of Jack Layton this week. In due course, we will select a new leader. I will have many posts on the topic in the weeks and months ahead.

(No comments will be posted until after Jack's funeral on Saturday)

Mulcair is the best choice. He can connect with both Quebec and the RoC. He could most likely take up where Jack left off replacing the Liberal Party with the NDP. I'd almost put money on it.
However, like old Tommy Douglas did, Mr. Mulcair has a "right-wing" side to him: he's a zionist and there is no way the radical pro Hamas Israel hating members of the NDP will tolerate that.
My best guess is the NDP leadership race will destroy the party if Mulcair isn't the early front runner and eventual winner. And before you attack my theory, consider that I predict Link would destroy the Sask NDP and Jack would be the new leader of the opposition. Like it or not, I am amazingly accurate.

Your comment "the radical pro Hamas Israel hating members of the NDP will tolerate that." is over the top, ridiculous and totally inaccurate. I have Jewish friends who now live in Canada after coming from Israel and they hold membership in the NDP. The fact that someone does not agree with Right wing Israel political parties does not make you 'anti-Israel'. Trent, why does the Right always seek to inflame, attack and generalize? I guess to you, the Israeli Labour Party is 'anti-Israel'. Give it a break.

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