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Monday, October 24, 2011 

Federation Of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Calls For Resignation Of Saskatchewan Party Candidate For Racist Comments

Brad Wall continues to defend one of his candidates for racist remarks. It is typical of Mr. Wall to NEVER back down even when he is wrong. The suitability of a candidate for ANY party is compromised by racist remarks .... regardless of whether an apology was made or not. 

Greg Ottenbreit is NOT fit to be a Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly because of the idiocy that came out of his mouth. Mr. Wall better figure that out quickly because now this says more about him than it does about his candidate in Yorkton!

"The Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) is calling on Premier Brad Wall to remove Greg Ottenbreit as the Sask Party candidate in Yorkton for the November 7 provincial election.

FSIN vice-chief Greg Ottenbreit asked for the removal after Ottenbreit made a remark at an all-candidates forum in Yorkton last week.

On October 19, Ottenbreit responded to a question about revenue resource-sharing with First Nations when he said that his aboriginal friends told him handouts or free money can be used for alcohol or drugs.

“Comments such as these cause the public to form opinion and reinforce negative images of First Nation people,” said Watson.

“At their worst ignorance is confirmed and as a result First Nation people again must defend themselves against these kind of attacks.

“We call upon Brad Wall to pull Gary Ottenbreit’s candidacy from the provincial election,” said Yorkton tribal chief Gilbert Panipekeesick adding the removal of Ottenbreit will show First Nations people they are a valuable part of the province.

Ottenbreit has apologized for his remarks, saying they were poorly chosen and that drugs and alcohol are a challenge in every community, not just First Nations.

Wall has rejected calls for Ottenbreit’s resignation, saying he is a good man who understands that what he said was wrong."

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