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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 

Harper Will Spend $28 Million On 'War Of 1812'

Canadians have spend $18 BILLION on the War in Afghanistan. I still have a hard time trying to equate ANY value for this gross waste of tax dollars and human life. But leaving that aside, you really have to wonder what the wisdom is of spending $28 MILLION on a war that was fought 200 years ago.

Harper is NO fiscal Conservative. I have repeated that truism over and over on this blogsite. Harper and Conservatives simply love spending public funds. They always have.

$28,000,000 for the War of 1812 is bloody ridiculous. Torment every Conservative you know with this fact

-The Globe & Mail

Harper is so corrupt, it's sickening.

Harper had an American many times convicted felon, Carson working for him. Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend were guests in Harper's home.

The robo calls to Canadians homes, to confuse where their voting venues had been changed to.....Came from North Dakota in the good old U.S.A. Hmmmm

Harper is in contempt of the House. The fifty million dollars, that was thieved.

ONE member spent, THREE MILLION DOLLARS, on just traveling expenses.

The $11,000 per hour jet, took Harper to a Stanley Cup Hockey game.

The stupid, billion dollar fake lake. An asinine waste of our tax dollars.

Harper gives, banks, mines, large company's, gas and oil corporations, billions of our tax dollars. I saw that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. He also gives them huge tax reductions. Harper is stealing from us, to give to the wealthiest corporations in the world.

He is wasting billions upon billions on, wars, jets, ships, and gulags. Most important of all is, Harper desperately wants to be an energy giant. He craves that power and glory.

That Harper is wasting twenty eight million on the stupid War of 1812 is just a drop in the bucket, of all the other billions he has thieved for his own glory.

Harper prefers the criminal aspects of his dictatorship. He chose ex BC Premier Gordon Campbell, as the High Commissioner to England. As we all know, Campbell has no morals or ethics either. He has the most disgusting and dirty political record, in Canadian recorded history.

Canada is now a lawless, corrupt, disrespected country. Our country's good name, has been dragged through, Harper and Campbell's odure.

Other country's have said, Harper is totally destroying democracy in Canada. Harper has damaged Canada so badly, this country isn't even Canada anymore.


while I believe in most things you've said, one thing stuck out that I seriously contest:

"Other country's have said, Harper is totally destroying democracy in Canada."

Let's be absolutely clear here: first and foremost, Canada has barely been democratic, and even if there's any democracy, there's not enough of it. We live under a monarchy, which is unelected, unelectable, unaccountable, undemocratic, anti-democratic, elitist, classist and so on. If we're ever going to talk about democracy at all, let's start with the monarchy first by abolishing the damn thing.

Oh, and this whole thing about the War of 1812 is stupid because Canada did not exist until 1867. It proves that government in this country embodies popular ignorance of history. 1812 was when the British invaded the United States, not when the US invaded Canada, which didn't even exist.

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