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Saturday, November 19, 2011 

Stephen Harper Is Prepared To Take Canada Into War With Iran

"In a blunt warning amid an escalating crisis, the Harper government declared Friday that Canada stands ready to join with other nations in preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Supporting a resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency that expresses “deep and increasing concern” over evidence that Iran is proceeding with plans to become a nuclear power, the Harper government vowed in its submission to “continue to work with like-minded nations on next steps.

“The question is not if, but rather the degree to which, we will act,” the submission declared.

The United States, Europe and other Western nations strongly supported the IAEA resolution, which was overwhelmingly approved by its board of directors Friday in Vienna.

The final resolution was stripped of clauses warning that action could be taken against Iran if it does not halt development of a nuclear weapon, in order to gain the support of Russia and China.

However, the resolution sends a clear warning to the Tehran regime that the international community will not stand by as it seeks to join the nuclear club.

While Iran insists its nuclear research program has only peaceful purposes, a recent IAEA report declared that there was clear evidence Iran was moving toward making a bomb.

“It is no longer within the bounds of credulity to claim that Iran’s nuclear activities are solely peaceful,” said Glyn Davies, the chief U.S. delegate to the IAEA, adding: “There is little doubt that Iran … at the very least, wants to position itself for a nuclear weapons capability.”

The Canadian government agreed. “There is no plausible peaceful use” for Iran’s uranium-enrichment program, the submission declared. “… Iran’s nuclear activities can only be understood in the context of a nuclear weapons development effort.”

There are growing indications that Israel and/or the United States might be prepared to take pre-emptive military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons-making capability. Were that to happen, this submission appears to confirm that the Harper government would offer its strong support."

Globe & Mail

It's hard to conceive of Canada warring with Iran. Perhaps a symbolic frigate or two in the Gulf but, beyond that, our armed forces are pretty much exhausted from Afghanistan.

An air war will be really tricky. It's not a matter of bombing a handful of nuclear installations into concrete dust.

Iran has very effective anti-shipping missile batteries that can close off the Persian Gulf to tanker shipping. No tankers, no oil, an an already wobbly global economy craters. Those missiles work equally well on frigates like our own.

All of this is complicated by Iran's extensive and mysterious anti-aircraft defence systems. The Russians claim they never delivered the S-300 batteries Iran was promised. Those are about the best surface to air missiles around. Aircraft like our F-18s are easy meat for those missiles. The very idea that Iran was about to get the 300s gave the Americans and the Israelis absolute fits.

So far our adventures in the Islamic world have been relatively bloodless. Even the 150-we've lost in Afghanistan would have been a moderately bad night for our Bomber Command in WWII.

A war with Iran, however, the third Western war on Muslim countries in barely a decade. would be unpredictable in scope and outcome. It could also have very long-lasting repercussions, blowback.

Harper talks tough but that's stock in trade for blowhards. After Afghanistan I don't think he's got much hero appetite left.

Harper has no right to ask our young military to go to war. He is refusing to look after our veterans, who have war injuries. Those who will have permanent injuries, will be on their own.

It is of the utmost importance, we get rid of Harper. Never have I seen Canada brought so low, as Harper has brought us. Canada is now a cesspool of corruption. Harper is dragging Canada through his dirty muck. The decent country's, want nothing to do with Harper, because he is such a P.I.T.A. Our friends are now, Equador, Columbia and some of the other, corrupt S. American country's

Okay, this is totally ridiculous. Granted, Iran is a "republic" like North Korea is democratic (read: it's not a real republic), but that's not the reason for going to war.

The US went to Afghanistan because they were looking for Bin Ladin, which took a decade to find the bloody bastard, and when they took him out, they did it with less than ten guys (I assume) instead of an army invading Pakistan! Then Iraq because of Bush's false claims of it having WMD's and having connections to 9-11 (it had neither), and now Iran for . . . what reason exactly?

It's over. Bin Ladin's dead. Time to come home and stay home. Bring all the troops home from all missions, combative and peacekeeping.

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