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Friday, February 24, 2012 

Conseratives Fire Jr. Staffer As Scapegoat For Robo Calls Into At Least 18 Federal Ridings

This is not at all unexpected. The Conservatives have fired a junior staffer as being responsible for the Robo-call fiasco. Problem is the kid worked in just one of the 18 Federal Ridings that received the fraudulent robo-calls.

Was this staffer sitting in a Guelph area Riding directing the robo-call action into at least 17 other ridings around Canada? It makes no sense considering the scope of the fraud.

We need to see the Racknine invoices for these robo-calls (the amounts should be substantial considering how widespread these calls were). Simple logic is that someone ordered the work and someone would have had to pay for the work. Did the functionary Conservative 'kid' in Guelph authorize, direct and pay for robo-calls into 18 Ridings?


-Huffington Post

.... oh, and by the way ... here's a pic of the guy who got fired with Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter ...

Ya, but....

Does the good Mr. Levant know the kid?



What about the many times convicted American Felon, Bruce Carson, working for Harper?

Harper also campaigned over a radio station in Calgary, on election day.

B.S. Harper didn't know about the robocalls. If we knew, he knew.

Harper was frantic and rabid to win the election. He actually begged for a majority. A U.S. web site said, Harper election win was rigged. The site is called, presscore. They said, Harper's cheated win, was all about the NAU. I soundly believe that too. Well over half of Canadian citizens, did not want Harper as P.M. AND, we still DON'T.

Harper's true party is, the Northern Foundation Party, founded in 1989. They said, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize his shady party.

Damn right, Harper cheated to win. We have to get rid of Harper. He is the absolute, most corrupt P.M. that we have ever had, in Canada's recorded history.

Remember what happened to BC, because we let the criminal Gordon Campbell off his lies and deceit? BC is a terminally ill province. Harper and Campbell financially ruined BC.

We need to take up a petition, to get rid of that evil dictator Harper.

My pity on the kid! Here-here!

Ah royalists, the only kind of people who cheat democracy to destroy democracy!

"Oh, what if people chose a Nazi?!"

Simple: the people didn't choose the Nazi; the ones who were Nazis and rigged the votes did.

Wow! Even right leaning columnists like Andrew Coyne are kicking Conserative (Reform) ass!

The NDP have a media release with links to photos of RackNine's owner serving as a Harper honourary guard. RackNine also provides canvassing services to the Wild Rose Party. And I wouldn't be surprised if Campaign Research Inc (the firm responsible for the Cotler misinformation campaign) are connected somehow.

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