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Sunday, March 11, 2012 

Sask New Democrats Will Select New Leader In Spring 2013

Saskatchewan New Democrats will choose a new leader early in 2013. The decision to hold a leadership convention in February/March 2013 in Saskatoon was made at a party provincial council meeting this weekend. The exact date of the leadership convention, as well as the official start date of the race, will be announced in the coming weeks.

Similar to the last two conventions, the NDP will use a one-member, one-vote process to select the next leader. Party members will also be able to participate in the leadership selection process in a number of ways including online, by phone, mail-in-ballot or in person at the leadership convention. Anyone with a valid 2013 NDP membership will be able to vote for the new leader.

Previous Leaders of the Saskatchewan NDP were Tommy Douglas, Woodrow Lloyd, Alan Blakeney, Roy Romanow, Lorne Calvert and Dwain Lingenfeler.

-CBC Saskatchewan has more ...

Gawd - I hope that the Saskatchewan candidates use less robocalling than the federal candidates.

Even if John Nilson robocalled once for the Carlson function - which means that hated communications method will likely show up in spades.

I have just hated getting calls and calls and calls - even after asking to be removed from calling lists.

At least i will be know the campaign people here and where they live if they start harassing me too much.

I may pressure provincial office to set up a "do not call" or "call me only once" list.

I am actually prepared to cancel my membership if these fucking robocalls don't stop soon.

fuck your "no anonymous comments" shit, leftdog

i just lost my brilliant and incisive commentary in some blogger brain fart during the automatic "you must log in"thing


well, you get what i remember


i sure hope that the provincial candidates don't use robocalling as much as the federal ones

i am soooooo sick and tired of all the calls i've been getting from their call centre and robocall crap

and my newly belnded family is even sicker of it than me, not being used to a lifetime of harassment by the party

though John Nilson robocalled my ass for the Carlson tribute thing

i think i will be miserable to party office and the executive until they set up a "do not call" or "call only once" list

it has been bad enough during the federal leadership that i have regretted renewing my membership after the departure of our previous leader

you see, i'm getting calls for me and my two kids from all the candidates

as well as their email spam

i set up a junk mail folder for all their crap


i think their grasp on "social media" and "viral marketing" is a little tenuous. call until you make people mad is not "new media"

No disagreement on what you posted. PS ... the only reason I don't allow the anonymous poster option is that then I get a whole bunch of posts from young Sask Party staffers. I use software that allows me to know quite a bit about those who post here:
-IP number
-referral source
-search words used in search engine
-time on the site
-posts they accessed ... and much more.

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