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Tuesday, April 24, 2012 

And In This Corner .. The REAL Winner Of The Alberta Election ..... BIG OIL!

THE REAL WINNERS OF THE ALBERTA ELECTION = BIG OIL .... There is no immense joy in my heart over the Alberta election results. While I am somewhat happy that the socially conservative right wing extremists in the Wild Rose Party did not win, it is difficult for me to muster up a lot of enthusiasm for a continuation of the corporate Petro-government of the PC's. After 41 years, the PC's continue to be entrenched in the halls of power. Their political machine has been given a new life and the same old corruption, abuse of power and corporate ass kissing will continue unabated in Alberta. 

 I had a sense that this may have been a unique opportunity to see the PC strangle hold on Alberta shattered once and for all. Yes, Wild Rose would have had to be dealt with but real progressives do not shrink from battling with social conservatives. The destruction of the PC's would have at least given progressives a chance to battle Wild Rose one social issue at a time. WR would have been green, chaotic and controversial .... easy pickings. 

The Oil industry continues to own and run the government of Alberta regardless of whether the PC's or Wild Rose would have won. So to all those progressives who are relieved and happy about the PC's 12th straight election win, I ask this question .... exactly when do you think you will be able to shatter the decades old PC dynasty in Alberta?

excellent post leftdog!

True Statement: Qoute: The Oil industry continues to own and run the government of Alberta. /Quote

Also True:The Oil industry continues to own and run the government of Canada.

The simplistic Demand by Harperites...Pipeline out the crude. Black or White!..Yes or No!

That's exporting jobs and exporting toxic waste to be managed by China.

Quick easy selfish cash for BIG OIL but a criminally negligent move.

We had to scramble for jet fuel when a fire struck the Cherry point refinery in Blaine Washington.

Peter Lougheed is loyal to and invested in Alberta. He says stop the rush. Why don't Albertan's listen to his advice?

A refinery is expensive and employees who run it have to be paid, yet shipping refined products means jobs stay in Canada and spills are less frequent and don't destroy marine foods industries.

This is covered in detail at: BendGovernment.blogspot.com

Conservatives in Ottawa, Alberta and BC are allowing business to have a free for all.

Payday loan firms are lending disabled persons in BC $100 for 11 days and collecting over $200 in payment after only 11 days.

I have a friend's payday loan contract on my desk.

APR amounts to 764%. The legal limit is supposed to be 23% as stated in CBC news coverage.

Full story on this amazing free-for-all rip-off can be checked at:


Loony logic from our conservative Harper government speaking to environment concearns through Peter Kent.

Kent decries foreign money supporting environmental activists in Canada. Suggesting we want to stop all industry and investment.

What an idiotic and farcical statement.

This suggests that Big Oil uses no foreign earned income to lobby the government into pushing through pipelines and pet projects.

Stop all industry and investment?

Investing in refining bitumen and processing logs in Canada builds jobs and investment in Canada.

That's the exact opposite of whining government views expressed through Peter Kent.

Poor Mr. Kent. His expression and body language express personal agony. seems to me that having to voice our government's resentment is killing him. TG

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